Friday, November 20, 2009

Jeanette Pryor: The Truth About Sarah’s Ruby Slippers

Another outstanding blog post by Jeanette Pryor:
Everywhere in America, people are reading* that Sarah Palin didn’t run an Iditarod through Neiman Marcus, after all. She wasn’t a diva. Ms. Klein, the New York fashion consultant who outfitted the entire Palin family, has told the true story. Sarah wasn’t a diva who loaded her sled with high-end fashion while posing as an average PTA mom. There really was a brilliant magician who shook her head at the family when they arrived in their, “real-life everyday clothes,” and, after pulling the last pin out and tugging on the last loose thread, sent the altered Palins onto the stage of history.


The Time’s article is a turning point in our country’s relationship with Sarah Palin. It proves that life really is all about the shoes. In this case, Sarah Palin’s shoes. “If the media got the shoes wrong, what else did they make up about her.”
*The New York Times article Jeanette Pryor refers to is here. Please go here to read Ms. Pryor's post in full.

- JP

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