Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah Palin: "No more f-bombs around Piper, please"

Via Andy Barr, who seems to be at least a bit less biased than some of his Politico colleagues (Cough*Jonathan Martin*Cough), some more snippets from Sarah Palin's Going Rogue:
Schmidt, she writes, was “grim-faced” and “cool,” and tried to pin the campaign’s troubles on what he claimed was Palin’s post-partum depression, and even went to so far as to try and dictate her diet.

According to excerpts published on the Huffington Post, Palin “took in his rotund physique and noted that he used nicotine to keep his own cognitive connections humming along.”

“I'm a forty-four year old, healthy, athletic woman raising five kids and governing a large state, I thought as his words faded into a background buzz. Sir, I really don't know you yet. But you've told me how to dress, what to say, who to talk to, a lot of people not to talk to, who my heroes are supposed to be and we're still losing. Now you're going to tell me what to eat?”


Palin also faults Schmidt for his penchant for profanity, writing that he warned her just before the vice-presidential campaign that “moderator Gwen Ifill is "going to f*** with you."

"I'm thinking, Why are you telling me this? Last minute... what's the point? And no more f-bombs around Piper, please?"
Going Rogue confirms what we have long suspected about Schmidt.  Anyone who can't refrain from using the foulest of language around a 7-year-old child has no business preaching about what is morally "abhorrent" to others.

Our updated Going Rogue Book Tour schedule is here.

- JP

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