Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Palins are using alternative media

Stephen Maloney makes the observation:
"Sarah and Todd have been using the media we never think of: Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Men's Journal, and 'American Chopper.' Smart move."
- JP


  1. Hey Josh, you gonna go to that Right Bloggers deal in Austin set for May 26? I got an invite. Seriously thinking of going. Hope to see you there.

  2. These are indeed smart moves. Both Esquire and Men's Journal have an estimated circulation of 700,000 or so. American Chopper has a usual viewership of about 800,000, not sure what the circulation of Sports Illustrated, but everything ads up. What is of major help to her is the usual positive reporting by local media outlets regarding events she attends, most recently the Evansville Right To Life bandquet, and the Down Syndrome breakfast. Postive local coverage as well as the outlets mentioned help counteract the negative national coverage.

    I'd like to see Field and Stream send someone up there to go on a hunting trip with Gov. Palin and her family in September (caribou season.) F&S has a circulation of about 10 million.

    People also did a story on Gov. Palin. I didn't see it, but those who did said it wasn't too bad. Not sure about People's circulation but it's probably pretty high. People also carried the story of Palin on American Chopper.