Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A former Berkeley liberal turns from the dark side

Here a redemption tale that's even better than Star Wars, because it's real life redemption instead of the fictional variety. A former Berkeley liberal finally sees the light after over 30 years and turns away from the dark side of politics. Her name is Robin, and like many other Hillary supporters, she was turned off by the way Obama supporters treated her for not being completely in the tank with them for Obama. Unlike many other Hillary supporters, who remained liberals - only they were liberals who didn't care for Obama - Robin turned completely away from progressivism and became a conservative.

Robin's mea culpa is a "letter of amends" which has been posted at Giovanni’s World. Her conversion was helped along by the way the left reacted to Sarah Palin:
"Things went from bad to worse when Sarah Palin entered the scene. When Geraldine Ferraro ran for Vice President, there was no debasement of her character, no sexual threats. But with Palin, a full scale 'wilding' ensued that chillingly reminded me of the random sexual attacks on women by gangs of men in New York. She was called every vile name in the book by both male and female liberals."

"Actress Sarah Bernhardt hoped a gang of black males would rape her. When Palin’s church was torched with children inside, the press was missing in action (somehow I imagine the press would have been all over this if Obama’s church were torched). Not only was the misogyny disgusting, but the classism was abhorrent. The Democrats, by ridiculing Palin’s voice and her education, were acting like arrogant snobs. The party had changed, I had changed, and the differences looked irreconcilable."
To the deranged leftist Palin haters, I can only say, "Keep it going." Your out-of-control and out-of-bounds antics in reaction to Alaska's governor is only winning my side more converts every day from the ranks of liberal Democrats and independents as those less unhinged than you recoil in horror. You're the best recuiting tool we have. Don't change a thing that you're doing.

- JP

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