Thursday, May 28, 2009

Board losing patience with bogus complaint filers

The Anchorage Daily News' Sean Cockerham reports that the Alaska Personnel Board is not amused about the cost of the bogus "ethics" complaints filed by Gov. Palin's political enemies, and board members are making it not secret:
"We've spent pretty close to about a third of a million dollars, and it's getting to be really expensive," said Al Tamagni, a member of the board.
The perpetually stuck-on-stupid Palin-hater and political gadfly Andree McLeod doesn't get it:
"The whole way to mitigate all this is for Palin to behave ethically," said McLeod, who filed the complaint that was dismissed by the board on Wednesday.
What McLeod and her fellow anklebiters do not understand is that Gov. Palin has behaved ethically, which the Board's dismissals of the string of politcally-motivated complaints like hers emphasizes.

Now the frivolous filers are attempting to play the victim card:
Valerie Henning told the board that fear of a backlash has prevented her from filing a complaint against the governor's practice of collecting per diem for time spent at her home in Wasilla.
Zane Henning, Valerie's husband, is one of those who filed an ethics complaint, only to have it dismissed.

What will it take for these people who are, rather incompetently, trying to take down the governor using trumped-up ethics complaints as a weapon? Hey, I've got an idea (not that it's a new one or anything). Re-write the law so that if an ethics complaint against a sitting Alaska governor is dismissed or otherwise ruled against, the person or persons who filed it would have to pay all of the state's incurred costs of addressing the complaint. Or is that too fair and makes too much sense to ever happen?

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- JP


  1. Not only should they have to repay the state for its expenses, they should also have to pay the Governor's expenses. Also, change the law to be in line with all over elected officials in Alaska, if the person filing the compalint goes public, the complaint is automatically dismissed. All Henning, McLeod, Biegal, and the rest are interested in is making sure the public hears that there is an ethics complaint. They figure more people will remember the complaints, and few will remember that they were dismissed.

    Be sure to check out the story about Shannyn Moore on Conservatives4Palin. Moore writes for the HuffPo, and now she is so desparate that she is taking pictures of the governor's legs and complaining that her skirt is too short. Just how creepy is it for one woman to takes picures of another woman's legs? I'd say really creepy. The last time I saw Moore on Olbermann's show she was also wearing Palinesque type glasses. I suspect next she'll be peeking in Gov. Palin's windows, and breaking in to steal her underwear. Linda Biegle had the nerve to call the AK Dept of Law, Palin's Nazi SS, now that's pretty sick as well. I tell you, these people are drifting further and further into the twilight zone, and may even become dangerous.

  2. Yeah, I saw that. Agreed that these people are way beyond creepy. High potential for any one of them to go postal, IMO...

    - JP