Sunday, March 14, 2010

Suzy Parker: Sarah Palin in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Suzi Parker's perspective on Saturday's kickoff event for the "Taking Our Country Back Tour" before a Tulsa crowd of nearly 5,000 is up at The Daily Caller. Here are few excerpts:
In her Oklahoma speech, Palin was less fiery than in more recent ones including a February event [in] Little Rock, Ark. – her first at a political fundraiser.

She quoted Reagan’s “less government, more common sense” approach frequently to applause.

“He did not apologize for America,” she said.


Three things she wants Washington to understand: tax cuts, energy independence and lifting America’s spirits.

She loves to scold nemesis Obama, too: “No, thank you, Mr. President, you can keep that change.”


Palin grabbed the hand of a grieving mother who lost her son in Iraq last year and walked off stage with her. And she didn’t leave after her speech. During Rich and Wilson’s set, Palin stood slightly off stage enjoying the show while the nearby crowd snapped photos with their cell phones, especially during “Barracuda.”

In her speech, Palin said that America needs to hang on until November. But the Palin fans can’t wait until 2012. When her black SUV rolled out of the convention center with police escort, about 50 admirers – many holding her best-selling book – waved good-bye to her.

“We need Sarah Palin,” one woman said to another.

“Amen,” she said.
Read the full Suzy Parker op-ed at The DC here.

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