Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rick Perry for Governor; Bill Flores for U.S. Rep. (Updated)

It's election day in Texas, and we stand with Sarah Palin in support of Gov. Rick Perry. Unlike either of his opponents, Gov. Perry is a Ronald Reagan conservative. We strongly believe that he is the best bet to defeat liberal Democrat Bill White in the general election.

We also endorse Bill Flores for the U.S. Congress. Like Gov. Palin, Flores understands that energy is an issue of national security. Flores is an advocate for domestic oil and gas production, and he also sees the need for nuclear and alternative fuels to meet the nation's energy needs. Bill Flores is a champion of limited government, and we see him as the best of the bunch in the District 17 GOP primary to send Democrat Chet Edwards packing in November.

Follow the election results tonight here.

Update: It's Perry vs. White

- JP

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