Friday, March 12, 2010

Orlando Sentinel: Sarah Palin lashes out at D.C., liberals, media

Sarah Palin packed the Orange County GOP's annual Lincoln Dinner tonight, drawing a crowd of over 1,000 to the annual fundraiser. Orange Republican Party Chairman Lew Oliver said before the dinner that he expected the event would raise more than $110,000 for the party after expenses. More from the Orlando Sentinel:
Sarah Palin lashed out at Washington, the media and condescending liberals Friday night at an Orlando Republican fund-raising event, and predicted the GOP would restore "common sense" to government in the upcoming November elections.

Palin said those notes she wrote on her hand at a National Tea Party event — where the media and White House later "busted me for using a poor-man's teleprompter" — explained just what the country needed: a strong energy policy, tax cuts; and "lifting America's spirits."

"Americans get it." Palin said. "In Washington, they don't get it."
In her speech, Gov. Palin highlighted on of her signature issues, the need to drill domestically for oil and natural gas to achieve energy independence. She also covered familiar conservative issues such as lower taxes, less spending, more freedom and smaller government. the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate criticized U.S Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando, a Democrat:
Palin said voters need to remove the fiery millionaire lawyer in Novemeber.

"Do it for the rest of America," she said in a speech lasting about 40 minutes.
The full Orlando Sentinel report is here. Photos here. Coverage from the AP here.

- JP


  1. Note the Orlando Sentinel report... as usual, conservatives are "polarizing" but "Die quickly" Alan Greyson is merely "fiery." Heck, Sarah Palin is actually doubly "polarizing." Alan apparently ain't got nothin' on "Death Panels" Palin! He better start doubling down "quickly" if he wants to catch up to "Polarizing" Palin!

    It makes me wonder. Is Pelosi ever polarizing? Is dopey Harry Reid ever divisive? Can liberals ever be left-wing or controversial? Hmm, I'm not sure on that.

    Of course we mustn't ever forget that little Sarah Heath once sneaked through The Land of the Single Payer Socialists to visit the wonders of Hypocrite Healthcareville.

    Oh, I'm sorry. Did we forget to mention that this was a pure fantasy story, Mr. Damron? Perhaps it just slipped our minds that the Single Payer Socialists were only in the sequel to the story and that the Heaths PAID FOR their EMERGENCY treatment. Funny how silly little details like that can just slip right past those layers and layers of FACT checkers, huh?

  2. Orlando Sentinel is a Tribune paper and quite leftist like other Tribune rags Baltimore Sun, Los Angeles Times, etc. Most american newspapers, with but a few notable exceptions, have a leftist editorial POV which bleeds over into their "straight" news reporting.

    - JP

  3. I took the liberty of blasting Damron for his innuendos and lies in an email to him, while at the same time, setting the record straight with the facts and the complete story. His response..."thanks for reading my report".