Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mentions, Part 35

"Sarah, Plain Spoken and Standing Tall" Edition...

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.:
"Sarah, Plain and Tall is the title of a book and a trilogy of movies known by children everywhere. The award-winning book is a study of the universal themes of loneliness and abandonment. For months many Americans wondered if Governor Palin and her family could survive the rough and tumble atmosphere of modern American politics. Fortunately for Mrs. Palin, her epitaph will not be 'Sarah Plain and Tall.' In fact her destiny is to become a culturally defining icon. She will undoubtedly become a role model of what a wife, mother, and citizen can be."
Noel Sheppard:
"Amazing. So, the demonizing of a former governor by America's media have made some folks on the Left so hateful of her that they now think it's acceptable to make jokes about her kids. Not only that, they now don't even feel ANY compassion for her handicapped child. There's no other way of putting this: those in the media that have for almost a year and a half mercilessly attacked this woman and her family should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, the saddest part of this saga is they're not. They're proud, because not only did these attacks help get their man in office, but they also permanently tarnished someone they saw as an enemy. Now forgive me, but I have to go wash my hands and disinfect my keyboard; working on this piece has made me ill."
Marc Schenker:
"The conclusion of this little polling experiment was that Democrats are so partisan and ideological that they refused to put aside their personal feelings of enmity for a mother talking about her special needs kid just because they dislike her politics! Clearly, this is PDS at work here (Palin Derangement Syndrome), the ugly cousin of Bush Derangement Syndrome! But after we saw how the Democrats behaved to Bush and now to Palin, can we honestly be shocked that they'll also stoop to animosity for a little, Down Syndrome baby just to get at Palin herself?"
Rep. Eric Cantor:
"She has a tremendous following. She’s an inspiration to a lot of people in this country, and I have always said she is emblematic of what America means to working women; that she can have everything — a family of five, dual working household in Alaska, and become governor. She will continue to play a role in debate of issues, and I welcome that."
Taylor Marsh:
"Sarah Palin posted the 'top five falsehoods' on her Facebook page, which began with Sen. Harry Reid saying 'no one has talked about reconciliation.' It was a huge whopper. Palin is exactly correct on this, which others have mentioned. Everyone has been talking about reconciliation. Point to Sarah."
Jim Collins:
"She did, after all, hold her hand out so that the TV cameras could record what was written there. So did she make monkeys out of everyone who made fun of her for doing it? Did she dupe Robert Gibbs, President Obama's press secretary, into writing a shopping list on the palm of his left hand and holding it up for the White House press corps to see? Did she dupe Gibbs into doing this, or was she just too dumb to remember her speech topics? I don't know. You decide. But who got the most publicity, Palin or Gibbs?"
John Hinderaker:
"If either [Glenn Beck or Ron Paul] has done something to encourage violence, as Rich unambiguously implies, you might think that he would tell us what it is. They haven't, of course, so he doesn't. That leaves Sarah Palin, whom I do like and whose utterances I have followed rather closely for a while now. Has she done something to incite violence or 'play to lock-and-load nutcases'? Of course not. Like most of what Frank Rich writes, this is sheer fantasy. If he worked for a competent newspaper, its editors would not let him get away with this kind of partisan slander."
Geri Rutzen:
"Alinsky’s fourth rule in his book Rules for Radicals is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. The Socialist-Democrats must live up to their own book of rules. Once again they display their blatant hypocrisy and double standard... After Sarah Palin became the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, thirty attorneys were dispatched to Wasilla, Alaska to go through her garbage in an attempt to find any information that could be used to discredit her. The Obamassiah should be subject to the same scrutiny, criticism and the same consequences. Dozens of fact checkers were dispatched to go over Sarah Palin’s autobiography, Going Rogue. Where are the fact checkers for Obama’s two autobiographies? The same rules should apply to everyone."
Carol Peracchio:
"I recently read an article by Joe Klein titled 'It's Her Party: The Brilliance of Sarah Palin.' I assumed it would be the usual anti-Palin screed we've come to expect from the mainstream media, but before I finished the first paragraph I was stunned at the contempt- contempt aimed not only at Governor Palin, but at us, conservative Tea Partiers... I can't blame Mr. Klein for being angry at us. No one likes hearing her mom say, I told you so... Maybe after four years of Obama, Joe Klein will be astonished at how intelligent the Tea Partiers have become."
Matthew Continetti:
"Reagan may have been 'a successful president,' Rachman admits, but he 'left behind a poisonous legacy for the conservative movement.' Liberal bugbear Sarah Palin is the consequence. There's a weird, anachronistic quality to Rachman's column -- it feels very January 2009... The public may not think Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. But that has not stopped them from electing politicians in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts who basically agree with her politics."
Matthew Continetti:
"Palin's stint on Jay was one of her better interviews. The questions weren't tough, but the governor was comfortable, articulate, warm, and funny. It also helped that the audience -- or, rather, the vocal part of the audience -- was clearly on her side. And she can tell a joke. This is a talented and charismatic woman who, despite everything, is not to be underestimated."
Say Anything:
"Sarah Palin does Stand Up Comedy on Jay Leno…And she’s GOOD... And it's driving Joy Berhar from the VIEW nuts, ok MORE nuts. I guess a confident conservative woman is too hard to handle. The left has no idea what to do with Sarah Palin, she whipsaws them everywhere she goes. I think she's great."
The Scratching Post:
"Sarah Palin is so Dumb ... that she probably thinks there's a difference between collision insurance and liability insurance when it comes to cars."
Gregory of Yardale:
"Of course they aren't going to pay a claim for an accident if your insurance is liability only. I bet Sarah Palin knows the difference between liability-only insurance and collision/comprehensive insurance. What. A. Freaking. Dumb***. Chris Matthews, your boyfriend is a dumb***. I'm no birther, but I really want to see those college transcripts the BEinC is hiding."
Gregory of Yardale:
"Sarah Palin is writing another book. This one will... be a 'celebration of American virtues and strengths.' Hmm, Sarah Palin + American virtues and strengths. That's gonna make some left-wing heads explode; especially the ones with zero reader blogs. I wonder if the AP will assign sixteen fact-checkers to this one, too."
Ed Morrissey:
"It’s important to remember that Tancredo ran for the Presidency in 2008, and may try again in 2012, too. He will want to set up a contrast with Palin — and, by extension, the rest of the Republican candidates — and so he’s not likely to be an objective observer on any of them... Tancredo’s experience shows the need for nuanced understanding of political decisions … a point which he completely misses with Palin, mainly to benefit himself."
Ed Morrissey:
"At least in 2010, Republicans need to have a big draft among disaffected independents in order to gain a governing coalition in Congress, and then they need to maintain that reach in 2012 if they want to make Barack Obama a one-termer... Palin’s moves since 2008 have gone in the opposite direction. That doesn’t mean that Palin can’t do it. There is plenty of time for her to focus less on her base, which is already tremendously loyal, and start working on her appeal to independents, if she’s interested in the 2012 race at all. Her appearance on Leno last night was a good step in that direction, but she may be playing for a longer game than her fans and critics think."
"Palin is making appearances across the country at speaking events, endorsing candidates, and speaking out on issues that matter. She is still is a hot commodity in political circles. Palin is also utilizing new media with Facebook and Twitter and is on the right track. Does this mean she is running in 2012? Who knows. She is smartly leaving the interest out in the open and the media still obsesses with her because she is enticing them. As Ed Morrissey noted, Palin has enough time. Her appearance on Leno will benefit her in the long run. It is just a matter of what she does in the future. Underestimate her at your own peril."
Jay Ambrose:
"Like a hero rescuing a damsel tied up and lying on the railroad tracks as a train approaches, the tea party movement has been trying to save America from runaway leftism... The comedian Bill Maher, who thinks all Americans are stupid, calls it a cult... I will tell you my judgment. He does not understand boo. Maher is a flap-jaw making his living as a clown and whose idea of a good joke is to talk about Sarah Palin's Down syndrome child. That's as good as he gets."
Morgan Freeberg:
"When there is a genuine consensus among the electorate that Sarah has overstayed a welcome and her fifteenth minute is really done — and that’s more an if than a when — I have every confidence she’s going to go away. And I also have every confidence she’s not going away any time soon. So her antagonists are in a dicey position here. And aren’t they always? They have to find a way to bitch and scream and piss and moan about her not going away, at the same time as bitching and screaming and pissing and moaning about her quitting the Alaska job. Sarah’s no good because she quits, and Sarah’s no good because she doesn’t."
- JP

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