Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mentions, Part 34

"Getting the Left all wee-wee'd up" Edition...

Maggie's Notebook:
"Sarah Palin appeared on Jay Leno's second, new Tonight Show. Goal: keep getting the Left wee-wee'd up. Take a look, she is a natural and is getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera."
Jim Hoft:
"Sarah Palin tried her hand at standup comedy last night on Leno. Her Double McTwist 1260 joke was a hit."
Tennessee Guerilla Women:
"Even when she's on the other channel, they can't stop themselves from obsessing over her."
William Teach:
"When it comes to Sarah Palin, much like George Bush and Ronald Reagan, people either love her or hate her. It appears as if the the regular folks out in Los Angeles love her."
Theodore's World:
"Sarah was FABULOUS! Even did her own comedy routine which was hysterical! At one point she said "Oh, I like to get the Left all wee-wee'd up." LOL... I think Sarah was having a lot of fun...and rightfully so."
Snowed In:
"The crowd, amazingly... appeared to be rather pro-Palin. That, or they're incredibly polite Dems who will now have to give up their posting privileges at the Huffington Post."
Taylor Marsh:
"Palin kept the audience, because she was a good sport about it and seemed to be having fun... Palin did herself some good, poking fun and laughing with Leno."
"I was nervous, but I’m not sure why because she was fabulous... All in all it was a great night for her."
Ed Morrissey:
"The main takeaway will be how poised and engaging Palin is... Palin demonstrates how well she has grown into her role. It’s well worth the long watch, and an impressive performance."
Melissa Clouthier:
"Sarah Palin helped Jay Leno last night... Palin just won't go away and she keeps subtly building support... And she represents a populace (which is a huge percent of the American people) who feel ignored and not listened all. She got applause in California. The Southern Republican Leadership Conference sure is going to be interesting."
Ron Devito:
"Governor Palin has a strong objective ego and is able to laugh at and poke fun at her own self. Jay Leno and Gov. Palin had a good rapport and played off each other. Her wardrobe and demeanor were relaxed, poised and appropriate to the venue. The outcome was a very enjoyable 14:35 that left the viewer wanting more."
Rachel Ray:
"The return of Jay’s desk was in fact the most interesting part of an off-pace premiere... But by last night, with star guest Sarah Palin, the malaise had evaporated... Spot-on political humor is the bedrock of a successful late-night talk show and the entrance of Sarah Palin... accelerated an already humming performance. The breezy conversation between Leno and sizzling hot media star Palin is just what viewers want."
An e-mailer in the biz:
"Speaking as a comedy professional, I can tell you that she was quite good. Her material was B-plus at best, but she was remarkably at ease, considerably more comfortable onstage than many talk show hosts, especially at the beginning of their careers... Sarah knew where the laughs would be, didn't oversell, and didn't panic when she didn't score."
Patrick S. Adams:
"What was the highlight of Leno? Sarah Palin. What was the highlight of Letterman? Sarah Palin. Nice going, David. You get Sarah Palin's rival for 2012 to make Sarah Palin look good while he at the same time turns the rifle back on you! David Letterman wanted to pit Romney against Palin to stick it to Leno. But it backfired."
Kristine Gasbarre:
"Does Jay Leno know what he's doing or what? It's his first week back on The Tonight Show, and the most controversial woman in [America], Sarah Palin, made an appearance Tuesday night, dressed down in jeans and a blazer for an eight-minute interview. Palin also stood up for a standup routine, and her apparent ease is making some people...uneasy."
John Nolte:
"Wow. This audience loves her and only grows to love her more as the interview rolls on. About ten minutes in she shows more guts than any politician maybe ever by agreeing to make her stand up debut … on The Tonight Show … in front of a Los Angeles audience. What poise. If Sarah Palin can win over this audience in this way in one of the bluest regions of the country, if I were Barbara Boxer I’d be pretty worried right now."
Closet Conservative:
"Teh Awesome... Looking very relaxed and sounding very comfortable with herself."
Daniel Stone:
"Leno announced that Palin would be making her "comedy debut" (wait, didn’t she do Saturday Night Live?) with a stand-up routine that turned out to be, well, actually pretty good. Comedy can be fleeting in politics, trust me, but Palin had some good zingers."
Larry Johnson:
"The woman is an extraordinary talent... Comedy is tough. Even great comics with good writers bomb. She killed on the Leno Show. While this does not mean she would make a great President we certainly must acknowledge that she took on a very tough challenge (stand up comedy) and knocked it out of the park."
Bucks Right:
"Sarah Palin appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno reboot last night. She did incredibly well, and there were some applause lines where you’d be surprised to find them with a left-coast audience. Things like tax cuts for people who create jobs, sticking it to the leftward media, getting the left 'all wee-wee’d up,' and a discussion of the Tea Party movement garner wild support from the studio audience."
- JP

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  1. The Tonight Show is filmed in Burbank CA.

    I worked in Burbank for years and it is actually a pretty conservative city.