Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fox News: Sarah Palin Presenting Alaska Documentary Idea to Networks

Fox News reports that Sarah Palin is meeting with television executives this week to present her proposal for a documentary about her home state:
Despite several media reports that the project was a reality show, Fox411 confirms that it is a documentary that will focus on the people, geography and wildlife of Alaska. A source close to Palin says the show has absolutely nothing to do with her personal life or her family.

Palin is teaming up with “Survivor” creator Mark Burnett and Robert Barnett to produce the project, sources tell Fox. The group is in Los Angeles this week meeting with network heads about the documentary, and there is already “great interest” in it. In total, the group will meet with six different networks.
Unlike Vice President Biden, who doesn’t "have to do anything," the former governor adds yet another Palin Project to her busy schedule. After her grand slam appearance on Jay Leno's show Tuesday, Gov. Palin's publisher announced Wednesday that she's started work on writing a second book. She's booked for about twenty-five speaking engagements clear into October and will also campaign for candidates John McCain and Michele Bachmann. And on top of all this, she's a Fox News contributor with a full family life. 

Update: The Hillbuzz guys think Sarah's proposed documentary is a swell idea. A video of Chris Wallace setting the record straight is here, and a AP report which has the story correct is here

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