Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quote of the Day (September 1, 2011)

Palin Will Blast ‘Compromised Political Class’ in Iowa
Robert Costa, at NRO:
“Sources with knowledge of Sarah Palin’s prepared remarks tell National Review Online that the former Alaska governor will castigate Washington’s ‘compromised political class’ when she addresses a tea-party rally in Iowa this weekend. Palin, sources say, will not use the venue to launch a presidential campaign. Instead, Palin will ‘offer a serious critique of crony capitalism and President Obama’s economic record.’”
- JP

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  1. Gotta add this one from PatricksWorldUSA:

    Unfortunately in America today, being the hardest worker and the most qualified doesn't count. I know this personally, politically and intellectually. Therefore, I am a realist about the possibilities that Palin may not be our nominee. But, you will have to pull that dream from my dying fingers along the rest of my other ones because, as Don Henley once sang, "I will not go quietly." There is no such thing as surrender. There is only such thing as reload.