Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greta Van Susteren Calls Out Tucker Carlson (Updated)

"I am not going to help Tucker be a pig…he apparently can do it all himself without my help."
In a Sunday morning post on her GretaWire blog, Fox News Host Greta Van Susteren calls out her friend Tucker Carlson for publishing at The Daily Caller what she says is "the most vile story" which repeats X-rated remarks made by former boxing champion and convicted rapist Mike Tyson. Van Susteren says her outraged is over more than just smut. "This is violence against women."
Yes, I know the Daily Caller story is repeating what Mike Tyson says and Tyson has been a guest on ON THE RECORD at 10pm but to talk about boxing and his life – not to denigrate women. I won’t even begin to tell you my disappointment in Tyson. Many will say I should have expected that from Tyson – but Tucker? Tucker should have used judgment, a sense of decency and not promoted this denigration - a good journalist, a responsible journalist uses judgment. Tucker did not.

I keep asking myself, why would Tucker allow this to be posted on his website? I am suspicious his website is not doing well and this is one quick last breath to create buzz to keep it afloat. I wish Tucker had not allowed this to be posted on a site associated with his name because Tucker and I have been friends (and even colleagues) for years. I have always liked Tucker and I assume you can tell that when I introduce him and greet him on air.

I don’t like it when I see that my friends do disgraceful things – but we need to start calling out even our friends to stop this. Tucker has daughters and a wife and I would think he in particular would not want to be a purveyor of smut (and this is actually more, this is violence against women) and allow this to be posted on his website. There is nothing funny about violence against women and repeating what a thug says on a radio show is also not news. I know he loves his wife and children and would never want this said or reported about them….so why is it okay to report about another? This is not news.

I emailed Tucker yesterday and asked him about it. He did not reply. I wanted to know what action he was going to take about it since I really did not want to blog about it and felt some urge to protect him. 24 hours have passed and I have not heard from Tucker and it is still on the front page of his website.

So…I am calling him out on this. This is not about whether you are in favor of Governor Palin’s policies or not — this is about whether women should be treated this way and whether this is journalism.

Van Susteren calls for Carlson to remove the article from his website and "fire anyone who used this bad judgment and was part of posting it." This is neither news nor journalism, opines the Fox News host. "It is denigrating women."

Update: Jedediah Bila takes a courageous stand with this tweet:
"I stand w/ : As a freelance opinion contributor to , I'm very disappointed re editorial judgment."
- JP


  1. Carlson has a history of making sexual remarks about Palin, so I'm not surprised about this episode. I used to visit the Daily Caller, and it always ran whatever anti-Palin stories were around, facts be damned. That's one of the reasons I quit going there.

  2. All The DC has anymore is Jedediah Bila.

    - JP