Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 376

Special “Dirty story by a dirty man” Edition

Janet Maslin, at The New York Times:
“Although most of The Rogue is dated, petty and easily available to anyone with Internet access, Mr. McGinniss used his time in Alaska to chase caustic, unsubstantiated gossip about the Palins, often from unnamed sources like ‘one resident’ and ‘a friend.’ And these stories need not be consistent... The Rogue reopens many knotty arguments about Ms. Palin’s public record, mostly the same ones that were hashed over when she became part of the 2008 presidential campaign. It cites the investigation that became known as Troopergate, the questions about her involvement with the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act... and her possible commitment to such extreme theological ideas as dominionism, although here too The Rogue is too busy being nasty to be lucid. Mr. McGinniss suggests both that Ms. Palin is committed to stealth religious control of government, and that she is not sufficiently devout. With the same imprecise aim he cites conspiracy theories that Ms. Palin may not be the mother of her youngest son, Trig, and questions the circumstances under which he was born... There is one area, and only one, in which The Rogue is dead-on. Mr. McGinniss knows how publicity works.”
Doug Powers, at The Powers That Be:
“It sounds as if McGinniss has had to go back 25 years for his ‘salacious gossip’ stories — old ‘news’ is much harder to confirm than new ‘news’ — not that the AP will assign an army of fact checkers to this book.”
PolitiJim, at Rants for Reasonable People:
“Dear Mr. Manfred... I am assuming you didn't have the courtesy to check with Glenn Rice or even Palin's co-workers at the TV station as you didn't mention any attempt to do so... You also fail to mention that McGinniss has been accused of plagiarism by author William Manchester and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and his publisher settled a dispute over his book Fatal Vision rather than continuing in court. For a writer that William F. Buckley said used ‘elaborate deception’ - these things can help the reader to understand some sense of the how people have viewed his work in the past. This is (in Twitter language) a #bigfail.”
John Hinderaker, at Power Line:
“So, which of McGinniss’s smears is true? Probably neither one.”
Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain:
“Now, what McGinniss is doing here is a familiar reporting trick, using information gathered from one source as leverage to get further information from another source. But the way he’s going about is reckless and irresponsible. By transmitting a lengthy written account of this story from someone he says was ‘deeply involved’ in the controversy, McGinniss risks exposing his source’s identity. He further runs the risk of a defamation accusation, by transmitting to a third party an accusation against Chuck Heath made to him by his original source. McGinniss’s publisher will certainly have a lawyer go over his manuscript to ensure that it doesn’t put the publisher at risk of a libel claim. But I guaran-damn-tee you any competent lawyer would have a screaming fit to know that McGinniss had e-mailed to someone else this ‘lynch mob’ story about Chuck Heath. Such things are not done.”
Zombie, at Pajamas Media:
“If a new star appeared in the sky each time the liberals do the exact thing they accuse their opponents of doing, I could read Joe McGinniss’ new book outdoors on a moonless night.”
Armando Salguero, via Random Pixels and Loose Talk:
“So as a journalist, I ask: Do we know this story to be TRUE? Are we certain it is TRUE because we've done the work or have a reasonable certainty that is TRUE? Did anyone actually try to confirm this story before giving it Herald front page credibility? Did anyone call Glenn Rice to get independent confirmation? He lives in Miami, you know... So why is it OK to do the right thing on behalf of one presidential candidate having an unconfirmed affair but not on behalf of another potential presidential candidate having an unconfirmed affair? We ignored the one back in 2008 and continue to do so to this day. But we run out and repeat the other first chance we get? They call that a double standard in my country. And that also is bad journalism.”
Adam Bonin, Chairman of left wing Netroots Nation:
“I am no fan of her politics, but she doesn't deserve this gossip.”
Peter Ingemi, at DaTechGuy's Blog:
“I saw this re-tweet from Byron York.... The Palin ‘story’ of course not being her latest Facebook offering on crony capitalism... That goes unreported because that’s evidence of substance, intelligence and relevance. That’s not allowed in a Palin story... So if you are the New York Daily News part of a dying industry and the #3 paper in town the Sarah Palin ‘story’ is the ultimate honey... Byron’s quaint re-tweet suggests surprise that the paper would go with this on the front page. Byron, Byron, Byron, you are assuming a professionalism unburdened by ideological taint in the newsroom that was always more apocryphal than real. I’m sometimes a bit naive but when it comes to Sarah Palin and journalistic ethics; I’ve never been that naive.”
William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection:
“If even The NY Times is disgusted with Joe McGinniss, then Palin will emerge stronger from this book... And this interview on NBC reveals McGinnis to be every bit as creepy as the NY Times book review suggests...”
Tim Graham, at NewsBusters:
“NBC may have lowered itself to an ‘exclusive’ interview with author Joe McGinniss today -- something they did NOT do in 1993 when McGinniss drew universal condemnation for a sleazy Ted Kennedy biography titled The Last Brother. But Garry Trudeau has devoted almost a week now to spreading McGinniss gossip in his Doonesbury comic strips, with all the worst charges... This tabloid sleaze is not new for Trudeau: twenty years ago, he devoted his strip to recounting allegations made by a prisoner named Brett Kimberlin... who claimed he sold Vice President Dan Quayle marijuana in the 1970s. Trudeau didn't care that Kimberlin was convicted of perjury in 1974 for lying about -- drugs. Notice how Trudeau's strips again have a misogynist anti-Palin flavor...”
Kyle Drennen, at NewsBusters:
“This is not the first time NBC has provided a forum for McGinniss to spew his anti-Palin venom.”
Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain:
“The Todd Palin Legal Defense Fund... Joe McGinniss deserves The Mother of All Ass-Whuppings, and Todd Palin ought to give him exactly what he deserves. So I’m asking readers to go make a $25 donation to SarahPAC to help defray Todd’s legal expenses when he shows up at McGinniss’s first book signing and pounds that scurvy worm into a bloody pulp. Please give $25 to SarahPAC, so that we can bail Todd Palin out on that assault charge — and then fly him to the next Joe McGinniss book signing to deliver yet another brutal ass-whupping. Lather, rinse, repeat.
American Glob, via Glenn Reynolds:
“Liberal Bloggers React To New York Defeat By Pushing Rumor That Sarah Palin Slept With A Guy And Did Coke. Which is hilarious because they immediately dismissed the exact same rumor about Obama in 2008.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Unsheathed:
“What you are seeing here is the last dying breath of a smear campaign that has utterly failed. After three years of trying to destroy Governor Palin, Americans are waking up to the fact that the media lies. They're not buying it anymore. Every lie and every smear that has been hurled at Sarah Palin has been thoroughly debunked. The liberals are down to the bottom of the dumpster. They are scraping up the coffee crumbs of their final last shot at her. Given all that she has had to withstand over the last three years, she is the strongest, most vetted and most ready of any candidate to take the helm of our great nation. Anyone who can withstand the vile and disgusting attacks that she has and be 3rd in the polls without even announcing (ahead of all announced candidates other than Romney and Perry) has the presidential mettle.”
Exit Quote - Jewish Proverb:
“What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth.”
- JP

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