Friday, September 30, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 387

“Whatever it takes” Edition

Gary P Jackson, at A Time For Choosing:
“Sarah brings up Solyndra and calls it ‘crony capitalism on steroids.’ Says whatever it takes to retire the permanent political class that embraces it: ‘We’re going to do it!’ For readers who may not know, this is how Sarah Palin won big in Alaska. She took on the massive corruption and cronyism, in both parties. She ran as a Republican, but whipped the sitting Republican governor like a rented mule. Once in office she worked day and night reforming government, and removing the incentives that made it so easy to corrupt the system. Sarah championed legislation that made cronyism a crime. There are many problems in our nation right now: A collapsing economy, high unemployment, energy issues, illegal immigration, just to name a few. Once one gets past the political ideology, at the bottom of it all you will find cronyism... The permanent political class, the Ruling Class, has harmed our nation greatly. It’s time they all go, and we replace them with honorable and ethical people.”
Dana Loesch, via Twitter:
“I hear Obama would like to thank everyone mad at Palin over announcement. Helps keep Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Keystone out of the news.”
Mark America:
“I know that Palin is a smart player, because she refuses to get locked into a date and time by the media. She flatly told Napolitano that she holds her cards close intentionally, knowing that the media is relentless in trying to nail her down as to some arbitrary announcement date they have concocted and pushed for their own purposes... While her supporters are still anxious for battle, most of them have now begun to see how this is playing out and have recognized the benefits of waiting a bit longer. They’re no longer worried over silly media narratives telling them when Palin ‘must be in’ or when ‘it’s too late.’ They’ve finally noticed that for all this talk by the punditry, on every show or interview in which she appears, Governor Palin is still being asked relentlessly to announce her intentions, and for her supporters, this has finally sunk in: The pundits had told us it was too late at least once in each of the last five months, and frankly, many more times than that, but if it’s too late, and Governor Palin is irrelevant, why do they still ask her with such insistent vigor? This stark and telling dose of reality ought to wash over anybody who has bought into that notion: If it’s allegedly so late, much too late according to some, why is it that they keep asking anyway?”
William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection:
“Perry’s high profile supporters do him no favors by acting like children.”
William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection:
“According to Juan Williams, Christie only will get in if it looks like Palin is getting in, setting himself up as the anti-Palin, since she would be unstoppable against the current field... The only way for Christie to get out from under his promises and suicide threats not to run is to claim that the world has changed. Which it would have if Palin gets in. The problem with Christie’s strategy of waiting for Palin is that Palin keeps waiting, while Christie keeps promising he’s not running. A late entrance by Palin will make her look tactically astute, while a reactionary late entrance by Christie will make him look like a reactionary late entrant.”
Anthony Salvanto & Robert Hendin, at CBS News' Political Hotsheet:
“Late October appears to be the latest someone could get in, gear up, and run in the early states, given all the requirements and needs of a campaign.”
Dr. Michael Santos, at Tea Party Tribune:
“I won’t say that she is the only one that can beat President Obama, because that is not true. Many of the Republicans running have a good shot. But none of them will reverse the course that we are in. None of them recognize the existential threat that our Big Government represents to the future of this Republic as a ‘land of the free.’ Indeed, Obama’s defeat in 2012 at the hands of any of the current GOP contenders would be nothing but a setback for the progressive movement. Sure, if elected Republicans will stop some of the damage being done by our current president and slow down our decline. However, without a fundamental restoration of everything that has made America great, then four or eight years from now another dedicated progressive will pick up right where Obama leaves off. And a dark future will continue to fall down upon our children and grandchildren. Governor Palin is the right person, at the right place, and at the right time. We are reaching a point of no return in this country. And she is the only one close enough to the wheal to make a desperately needed U turn. To run or not to run? Actually, it is not a difficult question to answer at all. It might be a difficult answer for her to accept. The fact that she is struggling to accept this answer is the very reason why she is the one we need.”
Jedediah Bila, via Twitter:
“Isn't it funny that those insisting @SarahPalinUSA couldn't win are the very ones obsessed with the details of her announcement date?”
Carol Peracchio, at American Thinker:
“In watching this circus, I've come to the conclusion that the only winner has been Sarah Palin. Governor Palin has steadfastly refused to declare her candidacy to participate in these early debates, despite the screeching from the Republican intelligentsia and the media. She seems to see what the rest of us see: that this far out from the primaries, debates serve no positive purpose. It's embarrassing to watch accomplished, intelligent candidates submit themselves to questioning from a hostile news media so moronic that a couple of years ago they actually believed that Barack Obama was a ‘sort of God.’ Come on, candidates! Take a page from Sarah Palin's playbook and stop playing by the establishment's rules. The best thing you can do this election season is also the most difficult. You need to trust the conservative electorate. Trust us to listen to you, to study the issues, and to pick a candidate on our own, without reliance on this contrived sound bite cattle call. With no leaders, and complete disdain for the Republican establishment, the Tea Party made history in 2010. So why in the world would today's candidates believe that we are now going to return to the tired, old, unsuccessful methods of choosing a president?”
Patrick S. Adams, at Liberty's Lamp:
“Sarah Palin has successfully assumed control of her decision.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“This is her decision. She has family and career considerations that override what anyone else outside of her immediate circle can tell her. But if the calling is loud, and if she has already decided or is in the process of deciding to run, she will know that she count on millions of Americans to support her. We are not a conglomeration of special interest groups looking to capitalize on her candidacy. We are not gadfly voters who just vote Republican in support of the candidate for whatever particular ballot is up for a vote on any election day. We are not a fan club. We are Americans who have lost their country and we want our country back. The interest is this: we know that Sarah Palin can lead us back to a free enterprise system which relies on self reliance and the rule of law. We are not looking for handouts. We are looking for opportunity. Sarah Palin has the resume, the experience, the political philosophy and the recognition needed to run for president. The rest of us don't. If there was someone else among us who better fit the bill of what America needs, we'd be supporting them, not her. This is not about putting her up on the pedestal. Without us, she can't win... We are the movement.”
Jeff Goldstein, via Twitter:
“Q: do people not believe Palin's conservatism? If not, why? If so, why the desire to run her down? She's like the political Tim Tebow.”
Neil W. McCabe, at Human Events:
“The California GOP operative, who in 2008 lobbied for Sarah Palin’s selection on the presidential ticket with John S. McCain III, is convinced she will announce for president in 2012 based on his time with her during her Sept. 3 appearances in Iowa. “When she came off stage, she was mobbed like a rock star,” said Frank A. Aquila, the founding president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and the author of “Sarah Palin: Out of Nowhere,” a book about his push inside the McCain campaign to make the then-Alaska governor the GOP’s vice-presidential nominee. Aquila said he was impressed by the Palin’s composure and charisma during her speeches, but it was the reaction of the crowds, many of whom waited in the rain, to the former governor.”
It's Only Words:
“I’m not sure, but I think this makes Joe McGinnis the Chevy Volt of authors; over-hyped and not nearly as eagerly anticipated as we were led to believe.”
Sarah Rumpf, at Sunshine State Sarah:
“If I were advising Random House, I would tell them to immediately offer to publicly apologize to the Palins, revoke and destroy all copies of the book, disclaim any support for the contents, pay any legal bills that the Palins have incurred so far, and to donate a significant sum to the charity of the Palins' choice. ”
Exit Quote - Dwight D. Eisenhower :
“An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.”
- JP

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