Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gov. Palin: GOP must have 'the most vetted candidate' in 2012

"I see my own name up there in the top three."
Appearing on 'Hannity' Tuesday night, Sarah Palin said President Obama's arguments for passage of his jobs bill amount to just "more of the same" and will lead to more "failed policies." The first woman to be the vice presidential candidate of the Republican Party said the president is underestimating the wisdom of the American people. She questioned Obama's numbers, saying that the White House is "way off" on its math. The former governor of Alaska also had a few choice words for Warren Buffett, whom she said is being "disingenuous" about tax rates and accused the investor of refusing to pay his back taxes.

Asked about the Solyndra scandal, Sarah Palin said it was just the tip of an iceberg, the bulk of which will be exposed and will "blow people away" before the 2012 election. About the election, Gov. Palin said, "Mark my words, it will be an unconventional campaign." She predicted that Obama would beaten, having already lost most of the independents who voted for him in 2008. His vote will largely be restricted to his base, that 20 percent of voters who identify as liberal.

When asked by Sean Hannity to assess the current field of GOP candidates, Gov. Palin said that she didn't want to just hear their rhetoric; she wants to hear them articulate their governing philosophies and show how their records show they have created jobs and fought cronyism.


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