Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 373

“Chess Master” Edition

William Browning, at Yahoo! News:
“She may be the chess master as she watches the Republican pawns fight it out during each debate. The former governor of Alaska can then use her clout to dethrone any other competitors. Palin has been unnoticed in recent polls. However, Perry was the same way until he declared he was running for president. All it takes is for Palin to say ‘yes’ and then her name will eclipse Perry's in an instant... The bat signal for Palin will be the next few weeks as candidates decide to drop out of the race. As more dominoes fall in front of her, the easier Palin's primary fight will be. She hasn't raised a lot of campaign cash and didn't participate in the Iowa Straw Poll. Yet her many fans may send chills down the collective spine of mainstream Republicans. Everywhere she goes, supporters urge Palin to run. Maybe it's a matter of pride. Perhaps Palin wants to be the only woman on the primary ticket. Maybe she is waiting for other heavyweights to drop out of the race. As it stands now... Mitt Romney is in a virtual tie with Perry. All of the other candidates haven't made any headway in dethroning their front-running status. There's only one person who may be able to dethrone Romney and Perry. Her name is Sarah Palin.”
John Scotus, at The Tree of Mamre:
“While Palin has handled her relations with Perry with grace, it seems that she has much less reason to support Perry than his minions would have us to believe, and that his own ambitions for 2012 were present long before he announced last month.”
Glynnis MacNicol, at Business Insider:
“Last [week's] GOP debate at the Reagan Library in California achieved a number of things... It essentially saw the end of Michele Bachmann as a viable candidate... But perhaps most importantly it provided a brutal reality check on future possibilities of Rick Perry. Based on last [week's] performance -- his first in a national debate -- they are limited... The demise of Bachmann and the lowering of Perry are key because it's hard to imagine who benefits from therm more than Sarah Palin... But after last [week], both Bachmann and Perry may have problems recovering their previous momentum, meaning, among other things, that the GOP will be left with Romney as a front-runner and with that a serious charisma problem. A Palin-shaped charisma problem.”
BigFurHat, at
“Perry is said to be fearing Palin, largely because of her appearance last year in Texas. It is impressive. This is not at all a person that the media paints as an idiot. And this is a year old. Palin is ready.”
bc3b, at Be John Galt:
“The discussion between Bill O’Reilly’s substitute host Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter Tuesday night has been widely discussed on conservative blogs. Ingraham and Coulter disparaged Sarah Palin because of her voice and mocked her as a caricature. What they failed to discuss is the substance of Sarah Palin’s message, which even a liberal New York Times columnist acknowledged was impressive. Ingraham and Coulter may be ‘conservatives,’ but do they want middle class Americans to be making decisions and running the government? Aren’t they closer closer to liberals whose cocktail parties they attend than rank and file conservatives? Like George Will, Charles Krathammer and other so-called conservative pundits, Ingraham and Coulter are creatures of the Beltway and Manhattan. They have pretty much isolated themselves from grass roots conservatives. They are part of the permanent political class and fear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party almost as much as Barack Obama does.”
Patterico, at Patterico's Pontifications:
“Exit question, as they say: Ann Coulter: the new Karl Rove?”
Tina Hemond, at Degrees of Moderation:
“There appears... [to be] almost an anti-Palin attitude at Fox, when one compares them to CNN. This twilight zone phenomena leads one to speculate that perhaps, just perhaps, Palin has already rendered or is about to render her resignation at the Network. While CNN hosting the Tea Party Debate may have a scoop up its sleeve (One would need one Tea Party program from a recent rally in New Hampshire in order to understand that innuendo.) ... Palin’s support might run a bit deeper than the ‘Tea Party’ alone, and perhaps, just perhaps, those who prefer to button up the race early (pre-primary) and choose the two candidates (Perry and Romney) for ‘the rest of us’ might just have to put those plans on hold. Only time will tell, of course, but it is strongly suggested that one watch the CNN Debate on Monday the 12th.”
Dan Riehl, via Twitter:
“My informed speculation 4 2day upon which I will not elaborate: There will be additional candidates getting in on the GOP side.”
Bizcor, at Bookworm Room:
“Sarah Palin stood there on the stage and made people want to go out and participate in the process in a positive way. She did it with a smile on her face, a bright gleam in her eye, and conviction in her voice. She didn’t resort to name calling. She didn’t stumble during her speech, she was able to ad lib without an ‘umm’ or an ‘ahh’ and she was able to get back to her prepared remarks smoothly after the ad lib. Not bad for a dummy, huh? Sarah Palin has been the brunt of jokes portraying her as stupid. She is not. People have wished her dead, raped, beaten and more. Her family has been threatened. Media hacks have gone through her trash and e-mails looking for the slightest minutia. She has taken everything they have dished out and she keeps on going. Lesser people would have folded. I really believe it makes her stronger. I wonder how Barack Obama would have stood up to the same scrutiny. To my mind, Sarah Palin has the same stuff as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Abraham Lincoln. She is brave, courageous, bold, and unapologetic about who she is and where she stands, which is why I admire Sarah Palin... I think she is the real deal.”
Dan Mitchell, at International Liberty:
“I don’t have strong feelings about Sarah Palin, but I like her anti-establishment attitude.”
RogerRider, at Riding on the Right:
“Marxian liberalism has given us a perpetual ruling class that has piled program after program onto America irrespective of what party has controlled Washington. This ruling class has among other things discouraged oil production here so we can import oil and help other nations. We have exported jobs and built factories around the world, turning American business into global business, and what do we have to show for it? Cheap coffee makers. Is it any wonder Americans are fed up? Is it any wonder there are tea parties everywhere? Is it any wonder the political establishment is scared Americans have figured out their game and they might lose control of the levers of power? ... Americans now understand we must focus our nation building here at home. Americans are proud of our country, and our heritage. We have courageous leaders like Sarah Palin to thank for it. She understands what has transpired under decades of Marxian liberalism. Sarah Palin has taken the spears liberalism has thrown at her and given back in equal measure. The ruling class has thrown every stone they can imagine at Sarah Palin, and she still stands tall. Our country is calling and she will answer by running for President of the United States.”
Jose R. Gonzalez, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Governor Palin Was ‘Tea Party’ Before It Was Cool”
Ed Ross, at
“Consider the speech given by President Barack Obama before a joint session of Congress Thursday evening along with the one Sarah Palin gave at a Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa, the Saturday before... Obviously, if she were the President of the United States she would pursue policies intended to topple the existing political paradigm. It’s a populist message more likely found in a third party but operating as an insurgency within the Republican Party. The Palin paradigm, therefore, won’t resonate with the Democratic or Republican establishments... But even if one of the current top-tier Republican candidates defeats President Obama, will the way Washington, D.C., does business change? I, for one, would like to see a presidential campaign that went beyond the traditional debate between Democrats and Republicans. I’d like to see a contest between President Obama and Gov. Palin that put these two diametrically opposing approaches to solving America’s problems before the voters. I have little doubt which one would prevail.”
Greg Varner, at Keating's Desk:
“Sarah Palin delivered the best and most needed-to-be-said speech of the entire presidential campaign season at the Tea Party event in Iowa [last] weekend.”
Michael Moriarty, at Big Hollywood:
“Odd how many Americans can agree with Christopher Hitchens on many issues... The Hitchens contempt for the Tea Party, however, is the grandest dividing line, largely due to the tea Party’s fervent belief in God and its faith in Sarah Palin whom Hitchens repeatedly heaps fear and loathing on. Hitchens, however, warns the world to not patronize Sarah Palin! He points out that his favorite film on American Presidential politics is Gore Vidal’s The Best Man. With an almost bottomless irony of ironies, he further adds that at one time Ronald Reagan was considered for a role, but he was dismissed as ‘insufficiently Presidential.’ Therein lies the substance of his concerns about Sarah Palin and her ‘Presidential Insufficiency.’ It also strengthens my faith in the fact that Sarah Palin will, indeed, be America’s next Ronald Reagan and more. The ‘more,’ I’m certain, is what most terrifies Christopher Hitchens.”
Exit Quote - Stanley Kubrick:
“You sit at the board and suddenly your heart leaps. Your hand trembles to pick up the piece and move it. But what chess teaches you is that you must sit there calmly and think about whether it's really a good idea and whether there are other, better ideas.”
- JP

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