Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 378

“The Breeze” Edition

Anthony James, at Tea Party Tribune:
“We must elect Sarah Palin president in the most crushing tidal wave of enthusiastic good judgment ever seen in the history of this nation. With that one bold move we will accomplish the dual goals of seeing America led by the greatest natural born leader in our generation, even as we witness the final implosion and last agonized shrieks of our endlessly lying extreme left loonies. Their entire movement, from the fabricated attacks on Bush beginning with ‘Blood For Oil’ to the crammed-down-our-gullets lies of Obamacare and the Shovel Ready Stimulus, have been nothing but one vile deceit heaped upon another. Such an absolute inability to deal in the truth or to face the facts of our situation and its solutions only proves that there is simply no place at the grown-ups’ table for these diseased sputa. Good riddance to rubes and bad rubbish. Time to usher in the American Renaissance, carried in on the invigoratingly freshening breeze of President Sarah Palin.”
Bill Lawrence:
“The most important thing established by McGinniss is that he is a cancer on journalism, if not the entire human race.”
L. Vincent Poupard, at Yahoo! News:
“Palin's fans will continue to be her fans after McGinniss' book comes out. No matter what he writes, Palin's fans will continue to press her to run for the presidency. If anything, the book will make them more vocal and their sympathy for her over these attacks will unify them even more. Those that are on the fence about how they feel about Palin are probably going to move closer to supporting her. Sympathy is a strong human emotion that can drive support for just about anyone. With the focus these days on bullying, people are becoming more and more supportive of those that are being pushed around or pushed down. While some may decide against Palin, the majority will probably listen closer to what she has to say.”
Colbert King, liberal columnist at the Washington Post:
“I’m no Sarah Palin fan... But this is no way to treat anyone. Sarah Palin deserves better.”
Sara Benincasa, at Indecision Forever:
“This site isn't typically a bastion of pro-Palin sentiment, and I'm not generally a huge fan of hers, but there's something icky-gross about Joe McGinniss' ‘revelations’ in his sure-to-be-a-bestseller-anywhere-but-Wasilla book, The Rogue. McGinniss moved in next door to the Palins (creepy) and spent a year of his life speaking to people who really, really hate Sarah Palin. Understandably, Todd is pissed…”
Madeleine Morgenstern, at The Blaze:
“Even Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann are taking Sarah Palin’s side against a new book making wild claims about the former Alaska governor...”
AWR Hawkins, at Big Journalism:
“McGinniss’ book The Rogue: Searching for the real Sarah Palin is out, and it contains attacks on Palin that are so over-the-top, so undocumented, that even the New York Times is crying foul. Moreover, the Times is actually lamenting what McGinniss has become, and calling to mind the year 1969, which is when they claim he actually wrote something worth reading. These days, even the Times says he’s writing trash based on sources gleaned from the Internet and producing books like The Rogue that make ‘the Palins' widely publicized anger [over McGinniss moving next door] understandable, even to readers who might have defended his right to set up shop in their neighborhood and soak up the local color.’ ... Folks, you can draw your conclusions and I’ll draw mine. But one thing’s for sure, McGinniss doesn’t strike me as the kind of neighbor I want to have. Nor does he strike me as someone who writes books I trust or want to read.”
Dave Andrusko, at National Right to Life News Today:
“While this is an exaggeration, and unlikely to last longer than a flower in the Antarctic, that any ‘mainstream’ journalist would conclude ‘these character assassinations go too far’ says something that inspires hope.”
A Corcoran, at Potomac Tea Party Report:
“I see that Politico is bringing to our attention that the media view of Palin seems to be shifting ever so slightly. I’ve thought all along that something like this would begin to happen because what else could they possibly say (that they haven’t said already) about the woman after digging into every corner of her life; and she keeps on putting her chin forward and not tucking tail and running... But, they conclude with some accounts of negative Palin press coming from the Right... I didn’t see the Erickson post because ever since he did that over-the-top hit piece on Tea Party candidate Jamie Radtke in Virginia, I wondered if he had been bought by the Virginia Republican establishment and haven’t read anything at RedState since. Keep in mind that the ‘Crony Capitalists’ on the left and on the right need to protect their ‘rice bowls’ as a good friend often reminds us.”
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“While the Caller item now comes with this disclaimer... there is nothing in the original posting to suggest the publication affiliated with Tucker Carlson, who once called Palin a MILF... was intended to do anything but spew more filth in Sarah Palin's direction, evidently for some sick, misguided reason.”
Rob Cunningham, at Canada Free Press:
“Our most exceptional nation assuredly offers more qualified Presidential material than Merck’s top salesman from Texas or the founding father of ObamaCare... Open-minded voters and professional journalists brave enough to examine the actual record of the highest rated Governor in the history of the Gallup polling company’s 75-year existence will easily discover that oil and gas is not the most valuable natural resource found in Alaska. To all those eager to challenge, refute, ignore or mock the credentials of Governor Sarah Palin, without extending even the simple courtesy of fully evaluating Stephen K. Bannon’s independent documentary film, ‘The Undefeated,’ is either displaying moral cowardice or choosing to remain close-minded. Are you listening, Ann Coulter?”
Mark America:
“This is your ground-breaking network, Mr. Beck? ... Brian Sack channeling SNL’s weekend update while heaping smears on the Palin family isn’t exactly that for which I subscribed.”
Marooned in Marin:
“Since CPAC 2011, Ann Coulter has had some type of girl crush on Chris Christie, who is far from being a conservative. Ingraham... became too willing to attack the Tea Party in the recent debt ceiling debate, and shows the signs of becoming another Inside the Beltway squishy ‘conservative’ type. Erickson has been in full ‘Icarus’ Johnson mode lately... What they, and a lot of other Palin-bashers also don't get, is her appeal. There's something there. Sarah Palin has built up a loyal following because she, like Ronald Reagan before her, knows what makes America great. It's the American people, not some government program, or some politician, political party or ideology. She does not talk down to Americans, as Richard Milhous Obama does, she talks to middle America, because she is one of us. Come to think of it, I think they do understand it, and it scares them, just like Reagan scared the GOP establishment back in the 1970s and even in the 1980 election. For all the love and adoration towards the 40th President of the United States today, go back to 1979 and 1980 and see how he was also seen as ‘too extreme.’ ... Is there room for criticism of Gov. Palin? Of course there is! But it shouldn't be based on cultural contempt, the wishes of the party establishment, or the jealousies of a couple of middle-aged single women.”
Ian Lazaran, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“While I agree with a lot of the criticism that is being directed towards Michele Bachmann’s competence and experience from the so-called conservative blogosphere, it’s interesting how she’s only now getting slammed because she’s perceived as a threat to Rick Perry. Bachmann didn’t receive the same level of criticism when she was perceived as a threat to Governor Palin.”
LeadDog Alaska:
“I know there were those with ulterior motives who pretended to support Sarah as candidate then Governor, and many more that underestimated her. I credit most of that behavior to a collective resistance to change, and in some cases gender bias, unbridled greed, and/or a great desire for position and power. The establishment absolutely had to get rid of this rabble rouser. No one knew this better than the appointees within the bureaucracy. The same ones who laughed at her around the water cooler before the election were sucking up like crazy after the election – trying to save their jobs until they could get rid of her. No entity resists change as well as a bureaucracy, and so the dance of sabotage began and continued to the end of her term... Sarah Palin is beating the drum for reform. Although unintentional, resigning set her free to go that direction. Her decision to step away from her office demonstrated strength, not weakness. She really is her own person. Anyone who thought Governor Palin would sit around and collect a paycheck if she could not be productive does not know her. Anyone who expected her to sit down and shut up couldn’t possibly have heard or read anything she said on the campaign trail. Her slogan was Take a Stand!
Exit Quote - Charles Buxton, from Notes of Thought:
“The joyous time is, when the breeze first strikes your sails, and the waters rustle under your bows.”
- JP

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