Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 368

“Smoke and Fog” Edition

John Scotus, at The Tree of Mamre:
“It is frankly bizarre that some commentators are criticizing Palin by accusing her of teasing or stringing people along. She obviously intends to run, but just has not made a formal decision or announcement yet. Mitch [Daniels] and Mike Huckabee both hesitated for months, giving every signal that they were going to run, and then changed their minds. They were not criticized for this... There is still intense pressure being put on Paul Ryan and Chris Christie... to run, yet they refuse. If they jump into the race, these same commentators would not accuse them of being a tease or stringing people along. We know this because some of these same commentators are the ones exerting the greatest pressure for Ryan or Christie to jump into the race to begin with... All in all, this meme that Palin is a tease sounds a lot like talking points from some political campaign [wanting] to keep her out of the race, and then poison the well if she jumps in. There has been a lot of this kind of thing going on regarding Palin, which shows that she is feared by the political class and the MSM... One would think that conservatives would be able to see through this smoke and fog.”
Ad rem, at The Last Refuge (Conservative Treehouse):
“If she does decide to run at this later date, I’m sure by December no one will care when she announced.”
Mark America:
“Delivering the keynote address to the Tea Party of America’s Restoring America event on Saturday, to a rain-soaked audience, Sarah Palin offered a stunning rebuke of crony capitalism, and offered a prescription to address this while also stimulating the economy: Eliminate all corporate income taxes, but also eliminate all so-called ‘corporate welfare’ and other subsidies and bail-outs aimed at protecting some businesses at the expense of every other. This proposal represents a sweeping reversal of the current prescriptions in Washington DC. More, by eliminating the corporate hand-outs, it threatens the establishment and there will be strong opposition, starting at the White House, but certainly reaching to every lobbying firm and congressional office on Capitol Hill.”
Roderic Deane:
“Sarah’s speech is going to have a profound impact on the current Republican candidates.”
Rooster, at Conservative Outcry:
“I'm still of the opinion she's running, and has been for some time...just in her own way. With that said, Republicans should take notice, despite her intentions. It's no secret that many within the GOP establishment would like for her to disappear; but, she's here to stay, candidate or not. And, while many of the current candidates have chosen to associate themselves with aspects of the Tea Party agenda, they should remember that Sarah Palin is the Tea Party. She's been there from the beginning and remains one of the few national figures who consistently works to further their agenda. One need only look back to the 2012 elections to illustrate Palin's pull within the electorate. It was Palin at the forefront campaigning for conservative candidates when others chose to sit on the sidelines. And, arguably it was Palin who orchestrated the return of the House of Representatives to Republican control. Regardless of her intentions, the GOP would be well served to embrace Palin, rather than alienate her.”
Jennifer Jacobs, at the Des Moines Register:
“Palin slipped easily into the role of the voice of a movement that feels chained down by taxes, the federal deficit and an out-of-control government.”
MacRanger, at Macsmind:
“Sarah Palin will run for President and will make the announcement sooner than later... With Palin in the mix the dynamics will dramatically change and it will push all the also rans to the sidelines all that much quicker. Why am I so sure? Simply because she’s the most vetted candidate out there besides Romney. Romney has no chance at winning the nomination as we’ve seen him sink to a distant 2nd after Perry entered the race. That means if Palin runs there’s not much the media or it’s left wing contacts can come up with that hasn’t already been debunked and discredited or that ended up being anything in the first place. Sarah Palin has everything to gain and nothing to lose by running. Look for her to announce soon.”
John Podhoretz, via Twitter:
“Palin should run. I'm entirely serious. It would be good for her, for her followers, and for the national debate.”
Eric Golub, at The Tygrrrr Express via The Washington Times:
“To understand Sarah Palin is to see a woman who is so despised by the liberal media that they will do anything to destroy her. MSNBC has morphed into Glenn Close from ‘Fatal Attraction,’ stalking Governor Palin and screaming that they will not be ignored. The liberal media is angry that she refuses to tell them whether or not she is running for President. This is her decision, and she is under zero obligation to bend to anybody else's timetable. She is not the one begging reporters to cover her. It is not her problem that others are obsessed with her. Perhaps if the liberal media spent less time despising her and more time actually listening to her, they might learn something.”
Bud Kennedy, at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
“The thought that Palin might support Perry faded Aug. 5 when she retweeted a blogger's chart showing how Texas' debt grew 20 times faster under Perry than Alaska's under Palin.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“Clearly, this speech shows she is presidential. The substance of the speech was thick with stats and a plan. The plan she laid out is arguably the best of any of the plans being laid out by the GOP presidential candidates. To not have this woman on stage expalining it to the American people in the debates would be a disservice to the political process... Many will find both the substance and the delivery of the speech to be Reaganesque. She was repeatedly interrupted with crowd chants of ‘run, Sarah, run.’ Although she said ‘you don't need a title,’ one of us in this movement will have to have a title if this plan is to ever be implemented. The speech is the vision. To carry out this plan, she willl need the title of Madam President and all of her supporters will have to have her back.”
Beth Shaw, at Blue Star Chronicles:
“Be still. Be quiet. Be patient. There is time. I’m willing to bet she’ll play her hand when the time is right... Sarah Palin is a unique and genuinely American political force that we should never underestimate.”
Mike Wiser, at The Cedar Rapids Gazette:
“Sarah Palin sounded very much like a candidate Saturday as she railed against the Obama administration, big business and big finance in addition to outlining what she called ‘my plan’ before a rain-soaked crowd at a Tea Party of America rally... She also delved into some policy points. Her energy policy is to get the United States off foreign oil by drilling for it in America. She also said that government needs to be smaller, and she championed states’ rights. In addition, Palin called for elimination of the federal corporate income tax as a means of spurring business growth. That point did not get the same kind of reaction as some of the others she raised, but she followed up by saying that in addition to the tax break, there also would have to be the elimination of ‘corporate welfare and bailouts.’ The crowd liked that one.”
Redbaiter, at TrueblueNZ:
“Sarah Palin delivered a speech at the Iowa Tea Party Rally that nails the political problems that not only confront the USA but NZ and Australia and the UK and most of the west.”
Mark Noonan, at Blogs For Victory:
“In spite of all the excellent qualities in the current GOP primary field – and whomever gets the nomination will get my enthusiastic support against Obama – my view is that Sarah Palin is the best option for the GOP in 2012. Palin is the embodiment of the true American spirit…the self-reliant, hard working, family-orientated, ardently Christian core of America. She is the sort of person who crossed the oceans to found America, and who then tamed a continent, built a democratic republic and made America in to the most powerful and generous nation in human history. We can get that America back – but only by revolution. Of all the candidates Palin is not only most likely to do this, but she has the ability to run that long, difficult race which will be necessary for a revolutionary to win the GOP nomination and beat Barack Obama. So, run, Sarah, run. Become the leader of the revolution and let’s restore America.”
Exit Quote - Anonymous comment on a discussion of the Value Added Tax:
“It's all done by smoke and mirrors... and paperwork”
- JP

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