Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 370

“Perspective” Edition

Peter Ingemi, at The Minority Report Blog:
“Yesterday in Manchester for the first time I saw Sarah Palin... from the perspective of those who care for her and protect her... I found myself talking to a gentleman... It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized that he was Todd Palin and that’s when I recognized the tone. It wasn’t the tone of an overzealous handler as I suspected, but was a tone of a concerned husband who for years had to deal with calumny, deception, and brickbats from a media doing their best to find that one thing to bring his wife and family down. I thought about how I would feel in his place and I was amazed at his restraint and self control... The number of people who clamored for her time, a signature or a picture seemed incalculable yet they gave what time they could for as long as they could without complaint. Watching this happen I considered that this must happen on a regular basis for three years. How many times were they tired, annoyed or had personal issues that every person and every family has, yet still found themselves in a position where they had to do their best to meet the expectations of an adoring public? It had to be even a bigger struggle than the foes. Politically I still think the governor is the best choice for the nation, but now I appreciate the true burden that the Palin family has.”
Adrienne Ross, at Motivation Truth:
“Todd Palin is what we would call a man's man.”
James Antle, at The American Spectator Blog:
“I have tended to interpret her campaign-like activities, such as the trips to Iowa, as elaborate head fakes. Until now. Palin's repeated condemnations of ‘crony capitalism’ are a not-too-subtle jab against Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has emerged as a frontrunner in national Republican polls and has established himself as a Tea Party favorite in his own right. It doesn't make much sense to attack the man who could be the Republican nominee, the candidate who might be the most logical person for Palin to endorse, unless she plans to run herself... Palin might see the crony capitalism charge as one of Perry's weak points. While Romney supposedly plans to hit Perry from the left on entitlements and from the right on immigration, Palin has the cred to potentially make this line of attack -- simultaneously populist and libertarian -- stick... Palin's numbers could rise as soon as she announced... Our friends Jeff Lord and Pat Buchanan have both suggested Palin could follow the Nixon strategy. Richard Nixon could afford to declare late for the 1968 Republican nomination, allowing George Romney and others to implode on their own. Although their detractors have much in common, Palin is obviously not Nixon. But perhaps she has some tricks up her sleeve.”
Stacy McCain, at The American Spectator:
“Should Perry falter or stumble during the next three weeks, that might provide Palin the opening that her supporters so clearly want her to see.”
Mark America:
“When Sarah Palin criticizes crony capitalism, it’s because she has a long and well-established track record of opposing it while serving in offices from the Mayor of Wasilla all the way to the office of Governor. If you haven’t seen the movie, The Undefeated, it’s now out on Pay-Per-View and you can learn about her struggle against Alaska’s version of the same dirty practices. Sarah Palin understands that there’s no way to make deals with the devil without becoming his tool, whether you’re the corporation turning to Washington’s interest, or a politician serving a corporate interest. This is because crony capitalism seeks to avoid the normal rewards and punishments of the free market, and in the end, destroys real capitalism. What Sarah Palin offers is the opportunity to wipe this mess away, to clean up Washington, and to turn tables on the corruption within.”
Lloyd Marcus:
“Palin’s speech was interrupted numerous times by the crowd chanting, ‘Run Sarah run! Run Sarah run!’ ... For someone whom everyone says could never win, the common sense, all-American appeal of her message and patriots’ response to it is extraordinary.”
Kevin DuJan, at Hillbuzz:
“Have you noticed — she’s not interfering in the slightest with any of the other GOP candidates. Why not, when it would be so much fun? This is because Governor Palin knows these are her opponents. She is an undeclared candidate right now because the moment she officially declares, this race will be all about her and the other people running will not be vetted or examined because the media will just want to engage in relentless and unending attacks on Sarah Palin. The Governor learned a lot from Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 campaign, in that with Hillary declared and on the scene, Obama was able to secure the nomination with no media vetting. Any attacks Hillary tried to make failed, because the media was only interested in talking about things from the 90s that degraded and maligned Hillary Clinton. Obama thus got a free pass that Hillary could not overcome in the nomination battle. Governor Palin has realized that before she enters the race, she needs to give the media nothing else to do, nothing more interesting to talk about, then to spend time on some of the other candidates for the nomination before the media focuses everything it has on trying to destroy Sarah Palin (which is considered an Olympic sport at the New York Slimes and MSDNC).”
Jake Berry, at The Nashua Telegraph:
“Palin even painted for listeners a picture of the GOP candidate she feels could unseat Obama after a single term – an image that seemed familiar to many Palin supporters.”
Anthony James, at Tea Party Tribune:
“We were just discussing Sarah Palin’s newest Facebook message regarding Jimmy Hoffa... What America needs right now are more people who not only want to be president, but who actually have the guts... to face down this despicable, amoral thugocracy. Luckily what America needs right now America has right now. And we find it in only one place, and in only one person. That she inspires those who still cherish what is right and what is good in this fallen world is not a fault, and it’s nothing to be derided or ridiculed. Within the last century these were still precepts which most Americans held dear. That we, in this devolved and putrefacted day and age still have someone like her to seize the helm and steer this ship of state back onto a course with a heading of individual responsibility, prosperity, and liberty is quite remarkable.”
John Hayward, at Human Events:
“The moral and practical failures of crony capitalism have always been a strong theme for Palin. She uses that theme to do much more than just criticize Hoffa for the ugly rhetoric Obama is clearly so comfortable with...”
The Editors of The New York Sun:
“No sooner had we issued our editorial ‘Jimmy Hoffa’s War’ than a wire came in from one of Sarah Palin’s most assiduous supporters, Benyamin Korn, with a copy of her Labor Day posting on Facebook. Our editorial had wondered where the original Jimmy Hoffa would have been today. It remarked on the phenomenon of the Reagan Democrats, who comprehended that the true interests of working men and women in America lay with the idea of economic growth. And it remarked on the need for someone who makes this point today. Well, Mrs. Palin's riposte is a humdinger... and if it is a taste of a campaign ahead, the race will be richer for it. For where are the rest of the Republicans? The Drudge Report has been leading with the story all day. Aside from Drudge, Mrs. Palin was way ahead of the press. Where is the Republican presidential field? Some say that Mrs. Palin is just teasing the Republicans and that she won’t run in the end. But right now there is no one else coming at this issue from quite the angle she is — or with the plain spoken news sense.”
Michael Muskal, at the Los Angeles Times:
“Led by Sarah Palin, the ‘tea party’ movement, which is often accused of promoting incivility, on Tuesday lashed out at Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa and Democrats for using vulgar language and promoting class war.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“Wolf Blitzer tried to do an analysis of Palin's speech in New Hampshire... His complaint was that she was very general and didn't give specifics. This was a Tea Party speech designed for a rally, not a white paper or in depth policy speech in front of a think tank. She did in fact give a substantive speech in Iowa just a couple of days ago. Apparently, Blitzer missed that along with the numerous Facebook notes that Sarah Palin has posted since 2008... Those who say Palin is not specific in her positions are either lazy (and don't want to do the research), have a liberal media agenda or they simply don't want to hear it. It is the vapidity of her detractors that is without substance.”
Shawn Millerick, at NH Journal:
“While some in the Republican establishment have criticized Palin for not making her political intentions known, the patrons at The Puritan Backroom were excited to shake her hand and talk politics on a late Sunday afternoon.”
Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain:
“In the Future, Everyone Will Be a GOP Political Strategist for 15 Minutes... That Warhol-esque prophecy is inspired by Meredith Jessup’s post about Sarah Palin yesterday at The Blaze: ‘There’s no doubt that Palin has become a political rock star/powerhouse, but conservatives recognize that the best place for her to make a difference is using her voice as an advocate, not a politician.’ This is where I play the ‘I’ve got ties older than you, kid’ card against Jessup, who was still pooping in Pampers when I began my journalism career in 1986.... Part of what’s going on here, of course, is the democratizing effect of the Internet, where everyone with a WiFi connection imagines himself the Second Coming of Bill Buckley... The other part is the rancid aftermath of the Sixties ‘youth movement,’ when Jerry Rubin declared that kids shouldn’t trust anyone over 30. More than four decades later, that once-radical attitude of automatic disrespect toward one’s elders has diffused itself throughout society so that we find it even among young Republicans who don’t think twice before telling Sarah Palin what her ‘place’ should be.”
Exit Quote - C.S. Lewis, in The Magician's Nephew:
“For what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing: it also depends on what sort of person you are.”
- JP

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