Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 367

“Arctic Storm” Edition

Anthony James, at Tea Party Tribune:
“With sustained winds approaching ‘blow-Obama-off-the-electoral-map’ velocity, Typhoon Sarah heads for the lower 48 in an historic move south and east, toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Just announced is an earlier-than-expected Pay-per-View release of the film ‘The Undefeated,’ a no-holds-barred documentary which lays bare the factual saga of this woman’s remarkable record leading up to and including her three years as Governor of Alaska... If this titan does not become the first woman President of the United States, at least it will not be as a result of the most vicious campaign of lies, distortions, and prurient character assassination ever concocted and then jammed down the throats of of the American electorate. The likelihood that she will not receive the Republican nomination just dropped by about 90%, as there is no way America can watch this film and not understand implicitly that Sarah Heath Palin was born for this moment in time...”
Matthew Boyle, at The Daily Caller:
“‘The Undefeated’ will be released this weekend nationwide via video on demand through most cable and satellite services... The release coincides with tea party rallies in Iowa and New Hampshire over the holiday weekend.”
Nicole Coulter, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“The atmosphere in the Machine Shed restaurant was electric. I had heard that people started gathering there as early as 5 p.m. Media people were swirling around with their cameras and notepads. I briefly chatted with our old friend Scott Conroy, and a reporter from the L.A. Times. Between 7 and 8 p.m. the crowd just became huge, especially once the busload of Texans4Palin pulled up. Outside in the lobby area and gift store, dozens of Palinistas milled about with their buttons, shirts, and signs. It was like a gigantic family reunion. And it was a diverse crowd – old, young, families, singles, of all backgrounds, and orientations.”
Tony Katz, at Pajamas Media:
“Reports of people from California, Virginia, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Washington State and Florida, with rumors of 10,000 to 20,000 people expected at the big rally.”
Alex Moe, of NBC News:
“This Labor Day weekend, Sarah Palin is returning to two key presidential primary states -- here to Iowa on Saturday and to New Hampshire on Monday... Palin is scheduled to speak shortly after 2:15 p.m. ET, Tea Party of America President Ken Crow told NBC News... One person from Florida who contacted Crow said that she sold her car to be able to afford to come to hear Palin speak in Iowa... The event also happens to coincide with the three-year anniversary of Gov. Palin’s address to the Republican National Convention in 2008, when she was the GOP vice-presidential nominee... Sometime after Saturday’s rally, Palin will head to the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire. She is speaking at a Tea Party Express event in Manchester on Labor Day, shortly before numerous GOP presidential candidates speak at a forum in South Carolina. Palin has made reference to the end of September being the ‘drop dead’ date of deciding whether she will enter the race.”
Frank Aquila, author of Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere:
“If a picture is worth a thousand words, well…”
Robin Abcarian, at the Los Angeles Times:
“Many in the crowd had arrived by bus from Texas, which seems to be a particular stronghold of Palin supporters, despite the fact that the state’s governor, Rick Perry, is the presumptive leader in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination. ‘Perry represents crony capitalism,’ said Mai Duong, a naturalized citizen from Vietnam who is an accountant in Houston. Duong, who emigrated in 1994 and became a U.S. citizen 10 years later, said she was never political before the 2008 presidential campaign. She was so dismayed by the way Palin was treated as Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential nominee, she said, that she was moved to become involved. ‘A current governor shouldn’t be labeled as ‘bimbo’ or ‘stupid,’” said Duong. ‘I think the media did her wrong. I was shocked at the amount of negative reporting.’ Coming from a communist country where there was no freedom of the press, Duong said, she felt the coverage of Palin in 2008 was ‘not reflective of a democratic society.’”
M. Joseph Sheppard, at A Point Of View:
“Fox Poll Shock; 74% Of GOP Voters Prefer Another Candidate Than Perry - 96% Reject Bachmann...”
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“For her part, Palin may factor in Perry's standing in her own decision-making process. But it will not be determinant, no matter how much the media and some Right-side political hacks will spin it. I'd guess she wants to determine just how serious any of the current GOP nominees, especially Perry, are committed to fighting for genuinely conservative government reforms, versus how much they will talk the talk but not walk the walk if elected, or indulge their appetite for crony capitalism... If she opts to run, it will be because she hasn't heard what she believes she needs to in the upcoming debates, and/or doesn't trust Perry to bear the standard. Though conservative, his record generates enough concerns to fuel reasonable doubt... What Palin represents, Perry must deal with as a hurdle on his way to a prospective nomination. Any notion that Palin is ‘sending messages’ is nonsense in the sense that, no, she's simply stating the case and saying precisely what she means, as she usually does underneath the muck that all too often passes for political analysis today.”
John Nolte via Twitter:
“Question: which do you prefer? Saying u won't run & then running or saying you'll publicly decide by end of Sept & doing so?”
Allahpundit, at Hot Air:
“If she does end up taking a dig at Perry, the only reason to do it is that she’s planning to announce herself in a few weeks. Criticizing him just to criticize him would be unthinkable given the mileage the left will get out of it, but it makes sense if she’s running per her ‘I’ll jump in if there’s no one else to carry the banner’ rationale from months ago. She needs to distinguish herself from Perry somehow in order to justify that logic and this would be one way. (Conroy notes that she’ll also tout her record as governor, another sign that she’s in.)”
The Right Scoop:
“Levin wanted to clarify if Dick Cheney would support Sarah Palin if she were the nominee given what’s out there today. Cheney says that without question he will support our nominee against Obama...”
Amanda Coyne, at The Alaska Dispatch:
“Crow was on his way to check out the scene in Indianola [Friday]... He said that it’s already starting to fill up. Lawn chairs are going down on the grass in field where it’s been held... He said that RVs are beginning to roll in, and that’s he’s continually receiving emails from people coming from all across the country. People who have worked overtime to save up enough money to come. People on fixed incomes. He expects the event to be a raging success. ‘I’ve never seen anything like the love that people have for her,’ he said.”
Catherina Wojtowicz, Chicago Tea Patriots organizer:
“You don’t do this unless you’re going to run. You don’t ask people to come out like this.”
Peter Grier, at Christian Science Monitor:
“What’s she going to say? One thing she’s apparently not going to say is that she’s running for president. At least, she won’t say that directly. She’s hit back so strongly at pundits who predicted she might announce at the Iowa meeting that it’s hard to imagine her backing down now. That said, reports indicate she’s going to use this forum, before people who might be her core supporters, for a two-pronged political offensive of the sort a presidential candidate might make. First, she may try to outflank potential Republican primary opponents by portraying herself as the most genuine political outsider. According to National Review Online, she’s going to mention Washington’s ‘compromised political class,’ for instance. Hmm, who might be a member of that? Maybe ... Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota, another tea party favorite? Bachmann is a three-term US lawmaker, which by some people’s definitions might make her a career politician. Palin will also offer a ‘serious critique of crony capitalism,’ according to National Review. Might that be a bank shot aimed at Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the new GOP frontrunner? He’s sometimes accused of steering state contracts to campaign donors, back home. We’re not saying Palin will mention Bachmann and Perry by name. What we’re saying is that she could be laying the groundwork to explain why she is a different choice than other insurgent-like candidates.”
Exit Quote - George Herbert:
“Storms make the oak grow deeper roots.”
- JP

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