Friday, September 2, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 366

“Simple Gifts” Edition

The Editors of The New York Sun:
“This is what we sometimes call Sarah Palin’s gift to the GOP. By branding as her own the phrase constitutional conservatism, the former governor of Alaska has opened up an approach to a host of issues facing our country in a way that pays homage to our deepest and noblest traditions... Mrs. Palin and her husband have both carried union cards, and Mrs. Palin has been all alone among the GOP in reaching out to what she calls her union brothers and sisters. Her theme has been the idea that the interests of working men and women are better served by the kind of job-creating policies of which the Republican Party is the tribune... It’s one of the reasons why the Republican primary campaign, which has the better part of a year to run, would be richer and more exciting were the Alert Alaskan to enter the fray, pressing for an approach to the issues on the basis of what she calls commonsense constitutional conservatism.”
Roderic Deane:
“How would you like it if Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly decided to re-prioritize your decision-making process?”
Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“The liberal media and the Democrat Party could not convince me that Palin was not qualified. But the conservative media and the Republican Party has convinced me that they're not qualified to have her as their nominee... If the conservative movement in this country wanted to ever stick it to the liberals good, they could either find a better candidate or just say the heck with it and back Sarah Palin to the hilt. This is not bitterness or because they're not supporting Sarah Palin. It's because they don't have a better horse and they're not supporting Palin... Most of the whining and complaining about Sarah Palin from our side is coming from people who haven't even decided yet. They don't want her to get in. How will they ever know if she's the next great one or not if they don't give her a chance to prove herself?”
Whitney Pitcher, via Twitter:
“I think it would do everyone some good to remember that Bachmann and Perry were both cheerleaders. Palin was a point guard.”
Mark America:
“I’m in favor of full disclosure. Just as I have made it clear who I support for the Republican nomination and for President in 2012, so should Mark Davis. Rather than what seems to be a false pretense at some sort of objectivity by his claim that he doesn’t endorse candidates, he should simply, clearly tell his listeners to whom his support is going. That way, rather than being a stealth campaign appendage for Rick Perry, he can be out in the open about his support and not ‘unintentionally’ mislead his listeners when he speaks about other candidates. Instead, he seems to have become an undeclared advocate who is in all ways a proponent for Perry’s campaign, now resorting to reading an anti-Palin article from the Los Angeles Times. On Thursday, he went on to criticize Palin over her continuing considerations with respect to her family. At the same time, Mr. Davis doesn’t seem to have any particular issue with Perry’s reliance upon his wife’s conclusion that he should run. Most damning, however, Mr. Davis fails to mention that the man responsible for organizing the event at which Palin is to be keynote speaker this Saturday is also an avid Perry supporter. That’s a rather convenient omission, isn’t it?”
Jamie Radtke, interviewed by Stacy McCain:
“And so that sort of half-hearted, ‘Well, I sort of apologize,’ that stuff – that has got to stop. People do that to Sarah Palin, they’ve done that to Michelle Malkin, he did that when he talked about David Souter, calling him the things he did – and this is from what’s supposed to be conservative people.”
Snowed In:
“How do they hate Sarah? Let me count the ways. Let's see, I've in the past commented on people falsely characterizing her as an extremist, insulting her daughter and her son, and, of course, calling her every possible synonym for ‘idiot’ (and, occasionally, much worse). We can't forget the blaming her for violence having nothing to do with her, either. And we've even heard the ‘Palinistas are idiots for liking her’ arguments before... But now the seemingly chic thing to do online--on Twitter or wherever--is for the ‘Palinistas are idiots’ assertion to come, not from the Obama supporters, which would be expected, but from fellow conservatives... There are others who appear to take great joy in painting all Palinistas with this broad brush as well. None of these people who have recently taken up this type of argument ever respond when I try to point out that not all Palinistas are unreasonable, crazy, stupid, or whatever... So some of y'all think Sarah Palin is unelectable? Fine. Give me a reason to support someone else instead. But cut the insulting out. It doesn't make me want to support you in, well, anything.”
Jen Kuznicki:
“Palin should run precisely because DC doesn’t want her.”
Jennifer Rubin, at the Washington Post:
“For a time, Sarah Palin and Texas Gov. Rick Perry were kindred spirits... But then Perry entered the presidential race. Lately, Palin seems determined to turn up the heat on the governor... These issues, which Palin has chosen to focus on, present two problems for Perry. First, they strike at the heart of his message that he is the conservative purist. Second, they fuel worries about electability. Is President Obama going to go to town on this stuff? Does Perry lose a viable argument against Obama because the Texas governor has practiced the same brand of crony capitalism? Palin’s not in the race, but she still commands media attention. Moreover, it’s very likely that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and others will pick up on these criticisms. In the debates Perry will have the opportunity to defend himself. Unless he does so effectively, the crony capitalism charges will linger.”
John Nolte, via Twitter:
“Pop quiz: What's easier to defend: RomneyCare, Mexo-American healthcare, or jumping in the 2012 race Oct. 1? *jeopardy music*”
Peter Hamby, at CNN:
“Sarah Palin's speech to an Iowa tea party rally on Saturday will come on the three-year anniversary of her memorable address to the Republican National Convention in 2008, when she became GOP vice presidential nominee and an instant conservative darling... Now in the final stages of deciding on whether to embark on that White House bid, Palin plans to use her Iowa speech to revisit the themes of that convention address that made her a star... Though she has no plans to mention Perry or any other Republican presidential hopeful by name, Palin will implicitly contrast herself against the current crop of GOP candidates and further define her brand in case she does decide to run. Palin, who has said she plans to make a decision about the race by late September, will not announce a presidential bid Saturday.”
Sissy Willis, at sisu:
“Funny how incurious the ‘intellectually curious’ hive mind of the left can be when it comes to all things Sarah Palin.”
Doug Brady, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“MSDNC’s Chuck Todd, apparently, has his shorts in a bunch over Governor Palin’s decision not to give him advance knowledge of her 2012 intentions... Over at ABC, former Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos was equally apoplectic over the Governor’s unwillingness to share her plans with the MSM... Less relevant? Right. Obviously that’s why these fools can’t stop obsessing over her, heh. And remind me again, why should Governor Palin follow political advice from Democrats in the Washington media? Have I missed something?”
John Hawkins, at Right Wing News:
“Wait a second….did I say ‘Palin?’ Oh gosh, in all the places I said ‘Palin,’ I meant to say ‘Obama.’”
O.Kay Henderson:
“Singleton said the term ‘fan’ is used by those who want to classify Palin supporters as “irrelevant’ to the political landscape for 2012. ‘We support Sarah Palin because we think she is the best leader on our side for our times,’ Singleton said. ‘We’re very confident of that. We think it’s almost a certainty that she will run, but we don’t know for a fact that she’s going to run.’ A few seconds later, Singleton added that ‘we have no direct knowledge’ about Palin’s intentions. ‘My personal opinion is, and I don’t speak for Governor Palin…she has given no indication she is going to announce on September 3,’ Singleton said, a reference to Palin’s appearance in Indianola, Iowa, tomorrow.”
Exit Quote - Luke 21:4, in the NIV Bible:
“All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”
- JP

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