Thursday, September 8, 2011

David Karki: The GOP Debate and Sarah Palin

Small wonder that the media is doing everything possible to claim it’s too late for Palin
David Karki writes at the North Star National that Wednesday night’s Republican "debate" was in reality a dog and pony show in which the Seven Dwarfs obediently jumped through the ridiculous hoops presented to the by the biased media that effectively works for Obama. Other than one protest by Newt Gingrich, they still stupidly played a game rigged by MSNBC and Politico – two of the most blatantly biased liberal outlets in all of the lamestream media. Karki must be on the same wavelength as ourselves, observing that Sarah Palin has been wise not to participate in such a farce:
She already has 100% name recognition, will have tons of cash from Tea Partiers the moment she declares, and Snow White might as well let the Seven Dwarfs form the circular firing squad the media would have them make while she stays safely above and out of the fray.

Moreover, in her speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire ripping both parties for “crony capitalism” and Facebook post on the Obama-approved call for union violence against Tea Partiers by Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., she laid out more detailed plans and laid into Obama with a ferocity none of the other candidates would dare – or be allowed to by the Obamedia running the debates.

Palin simply isn’t going to play the usual game by the establishment’s rules. As Dr. Phil says, if you’re going to do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten. In that case, it’s the media trying to produce the most liberal GOP “opponent” possible for the Democrat, which the conservative Tea Party base will hate. This will help an otherwise doomed Democrat have a chance to win, even if it must be alá Clinton 1992: a slim plurality in a three-way race. And if even that isn’t enough, then at least the GOP winner will be the most leftist of the group, ensuring that nothing the Democrat has created will be touched, much less dismantled.

In other words, the game is to create a completely phony “choice” between a hardcore and a watered-down leftist come Election Day, so that the entire exercise is rigged, pointless and the establishment stays, well, established for another four years.

The Seven Dwarfs are mindlessly playing this silly game with the crooked dealer and entirely pre-determined outcome to benefit the house, and even when they occasionally realize the con job, none of them has the spine to fold their hand and cash out to save what chips they have left. Palin, on the other hand, was smart enough never to sit at the table in the first place.
And that, Karki reminds us, is why Gov. Palin is so hated by the leftist media. Mama Grizzly is too smart to step into their bear traps. Meanwhile, she fearlessly calls out the crony corporatists in both major political parties, making her Existential Threat #1 to the business-as-usual establishment.
Small wonder then, that the media is doing everything possible to claim it’s too late for Palin and that she polls horribly – the simplest way to beat her is for her to never get in the race and the next simplest is to get her in too early so they can beat up on her as long as possible.

Yes, Sarah will have to officially get in soon in order to be on the ballot in IA and NH, but why on earth should she expose herself to enemy fire any sooner than absolutely necessary? And if the point of such an unconventional campaign is to break the establishment’s hold, then the first step is to refuse to kowtow to their unwritten rules.
Any reasonable person would think that pundits as smart as Erick Erickson, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter would have figured all this out prior to slamming her this week for not jumping into the race. Or perhaps it is because they have thought of all this that they are attacking her. Each one of this unholy trinity, after all, is trying to protect the Conservative Lite® establishment that has become their bread and butter. After all, they are crony conservatives. Sarah Palin is a Reagan Conservative.

h/t: M. Joseph Sheppard

- JP

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