Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ain't Too Proud To Bleg

Please donate

For those unfamiliar with the term, a "bleg" is what a blogger does when he or she asks for contributions to keep the show on the web. This blogger doesn't rattle the kitty can all that much. Actually, the last time was eight months or so ago back in December. Wouldn't be doing it now, but this has already become one of "those" months. The check for some temp work done a while back just refuses to show up in the mailbox, so your editor is asking for help from those who haven't donated before. Small donations are as welcome as larger ones, and we'll be grateful for any and all contributions.

Why should anyone bother to contribute to this operation? Even though Texans for Sarah Palin is a one man show, it's a blog that endeavors to provide a wide perspective about Gov. Palin that even the big Palin blogs with multiple contributors don't offer. Our "More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention" series of posts provide perspective on the governor from small blogs to big media outlets (and the embedded videos are kinda kewl too). This feature has become a Texans for Sarah Palin hallmark and has helped to carve out a niche for this site in the Palin blogging community. No other Palin websites consistently offer more links to other sites than this one and its sister site The Book of Sarah (which is all links, all the time).

Speaking of other Palin sites and The Book of Sarah, the latter has links to a bunch of Palin places in the sidebar, plus over 8,000 links to news stories, press releases, photos, videos, MP3s, PDFs and blog posts about the alpha Mama Grizzly. They go back in time to the Palin campaign for mayor of Wasilla in 1996. And on this site, even if it is just a one-man band, from time to time we manage to scoop our esteemed colleagues in the Palin blogging community. Not all that often, but not too shabby, either.

Of course, your editor offers his own perspective from time to time. But I don't comment a whole lot because everyone has an opinion, and I try to stay grounded enough to the point where I don't get too impressed with my own take on things. So I don't feel the need to comment on everything Palin-related.

How much is what we offer worth? That's for you, dear readers to determine. We've resisted the temptation to put web ads on Texans for Sarah Palin, and with your help will continue to do so. Not only do they clutter up the page, but I've seen some ads for some very non-conservative goods and services on blogs which are supposed to be conservative. Creepy.

To those who have contributed in the past, thanks for your support. To those who can only afford to offer your prayers, we're grateful for those as well. God bless you. But we're really hoping for contributions from those who haven't donated before, yet find some value in this blog and its reference site companion. Hopefully, we won't have to "bleg" again for another eight months -- preferably longer than that. While we're not too proud to bleg, that happens only when it becomes mission critical.

And so back to regular blogging we go...

- JP

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