Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quote of the Day (October 2, 2011)

Anti-Palin Flick ‘You Betcha!’ Is A Miserable Failure
Peter Knegt, at indieWIRE:
“Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill’s doc ‘Sarah Palin: You Betcha!’... grossed even less than ‘Margaret’ despite being on 3 times the screens. ‘Betcha!’ grossed $7,374, averaging a dismal $1,229... Broomfield personally took to Kickstarter to raise $30,000 for the release of the film. Its unlikely the film will gross that amount, and it will certainly fall behind the $116,381 a much more pro-Palin doc, ‘The Undefeated,’ grossed earlier this year.”
- JP

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