Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 388

“Rabid Dog Syndrome” Edition

John Scotus, at The Tree of Mamre:
“Erickson’s single excuse for trashing Sarah Palin is that she has not made up her mind on whether or not she is running for president. It has nothing to do with Palin’s qualities as a candidate or her position on any substantive issue... Erickson sees this as disqualifying for Palin, even though he accepts it from Perry and from the other candidates... So, in Erickson’s universe, a complete rejection of Palin because she has not announced her decision on his timetable is fair game, while anyone who offers up criticisms or questions of Perry’s record or stance on the issues is only doing so in order to settle old scores and promote their own careers. In the light of how he turned on Radtke, it is completely legitimate to ask if Erickson has turned against Palin in a nod to his corporate masters, in order to curry favor with his new friends on TV, or even to advance his own career... whatever the case, it is clear that he is no longer an honest voice, that he has been co-opted by the system, and that he is now just as compromised as any other political operative and the journalists in the MSM. It is time to stop pretending that Erick Erickson is an independent blogger offering his true, unfettered opinion on things. It is time to say to Erickson, Enough!”
William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection:
“I thought that if you support a candidate, you don’t go out of your way to turn people against your candidate. But what do I know?”
PolitiJim, in an update to a post at Rants for Reasonable People:
“Again we get this holier than thou, ‘you're ruining it for the rest of us, Sarah,’ caterwaul that is not only childish and impudent - it's not even accurate! But as his unwarranted attack... on Jamie Radtke has proven - Erickson believes that truth and maturity shouldn't stand in the way of a good story - or a RedState bias... It is time for RedState to just admit they are either directly or indirectly a formal arm of the Perry campaign or lose all credibility. And after all the jabs and ‘candle lighting’ disparagement against Sarah Palin followers - I think they have right to expect a leader of conservative coverage to a) apologize to them and Mrs. Palin, and b) to quit acting like he is Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann.”
Kevin DuJan, at Hillbuzz:
“Erickson is beclowning himself and having quite a tantrum.”
Kevin DuJan, at Hillbuzz:
“Erickson heaped so much scorn on Governor Palin’s supporters that I imagine many who read feel like the Republican Party may not be for them — and I wonder where their votes will go if Governor Palin does not in fact run for President, the way Erickson so desperately doesn’t want her to run... Because Erickson’s RedState is such an in-your-face pro-Rick Perry site, and because Rick Perry chose as the platform to announce his run for the presidency, I can’t imagine the Perry campaign wasn’t aware of what Erickson did all day [Friday] in heaping all that unnecessary scorn on Governor Palin and her supporters. I, therefore, will forever now associate this childishness with the Perry campaign…and I’ve thus removed Perry from consideration as a choice for the Republican nomination in 2012.”
Pianojones, at Political Improvisations:
“Thankfully, the pipsqueak snobs in the third rank of conservative punditry will not select the next president.”
Mark America:
“In what can only be viewed as a stunning rebuttal to Erick Erickson’s day-long smirking at Sarah Palin and her supporters, the poll conducted by Redstate has concluded that the first choice for President among respondents to the RedState poll is none other than former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. While Erickson was having his laughs at Palin’s expense, it has now become clear who deserves the last laugh. By a margin of more than two-to-one over her next-closest competitor, Herman Cain, the Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin scored a whopping 52.4% of the poll.”
William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection:
“What a sad joke that Erick Erickson and Tucker Carlson even are included on the list of cable TV-appointed spokespeople for conservatives.”
Gary P Jackson, at A Time For Choosing:
“The media and anti-Palin forces [many times one and the same] went nuts on Friday when Sarah Palin didn’t announce her candidacy for President of the United States. As the day went on, it became quite comical. Never mind that Sarah, who appeared Thursday evening on Fox Business News’s Freedom Watch, told the viewers she wouldn’t be announcing on Friday and was holding her cards close to the vest. I’m always amazed that people think Sarah should lay her cards on the table, spell out exactly what she intends to do to win the presidency. Would you expect a general going to war to tell the enemy what his plan of attack would be? Err, no. Nor would any other candidate be asked to do this... Somehow answers Sarah Palin has given in interviews have turned into hard dates that Sarah herself has never set. In fact, she’s been purposely vague about hard dates, only kinda-sorta agreeing with the reporters asking the questions. The only hard and fast dates Sarah has ever talked about were the legal filing deadlines. Those are the only ‘drop dead’ dates she’s specified.”
Ron Devito, at US for Palin:
The only people whose opinion on the timing of a Sarah Palin presidential campaign announcement matters is Gov. Palin and her family. This point is completely lost on Erickson, Coulter, some supporters, and the establishment crowd which is 100% responsible for the mess our nation is in.”
Tom Tillison, at Florida Political Press:
“So it seems that the Sarah Palin detractors on the right are in meltdown mode now that September has come and gone without an announcement from the former Alaskan Governor on whether she intends to run for the GOP nomination for President. In fact, Erick Erickson has taken to using almost the entire front page of RedState to mock and ridicule Palin over this apparently egregious action... The American people have lost all faith in politicians. People no longer have any belief that today’s politicians will do the heavy lifting necessary to get this country back on track. To abandon the elite power structures and rise above the status quo, to sacrifice self and/or party for the good of this nation. In a sense, that’s the whole crux of the tea party – folks who clearly understand it’s up to them to take on the individual responsibility to ensure the future course of America... Palin will continue to move forward in an unconventional manner. While this is precisely what scares the hell out of the political elite, when I look around at the current state of my beloved country, I’ll take unconventional any day of the week over more of the same.”
Tony Lee, via Twitter:
“Palin coverage exposes the many in MSM/GOP that have always been dumb, deceitful, fraudulent. Now, no doubts. Thank you.”
Jim Funkhouser, at Tea Party Tribune:
“Sarah P. has chosen her issue wisely. The core problem, the problem that controls all the others, is corruption. The corruption emanating from Washington is a product of the billions available for redistribution. Bringing this system down requires more than words from bought and sold politicians. It requires a spine of steel and moral courage. Palin is targeted precisely because she can’t be bought, and won’t be side-tracked. I don’t need to listen to her, the MSM read her e-mails for me. I don’t need to hear her debate; her philosophy is outlined nicely enough in Bannon’s movie about her legacy in Alaska. Palin’s words, which is all that the MSM cares about, are a sideshow. Her deeds have defined her, and unfortunately for Romney and Perry, defined them also. Follow the money. It’s always about the money.”
Peter Ingemi, at Datechguy's Blog :
“Chris Christie is less prepared to run than Sarah Palin, and unlike Palin, would not be running an ‘insurgent’ campaign. If he runs he is going to embarrass himself, badly.”
Mark America:
“There are many good reasons for Palin to hold off in the conventional schedule, and the GOP establishment knows this, which is why they spent the entirety of the spring and summer trying to goad her into an earlier entry, to which they would have responded with a Christie or Daniels or even Jeb Bush... They will try to knock Palin out by depriving her of the time she needs to carry the ball all the way down the field in time to score. I believe this underestimates Palin’s appeal by a fair margin, and it may be the establishment’s last available timing-based play to keep her from the nomination if she chooses to pursue it... What all of this may boil down to is an attempt by the establishment to wrest control of the timing card from Palin... As I suspected, it will come down to careful timing, and as I believe based on previous instances, Governor Palin may be the master of this sort of thing. She has demonstrated very good instincts and this close to the end of the beginning, I don’t think she’s likely to make any missteps, thereby turning it into what the establishment hopes will bethe beginning of the end. Expect the unexpected, and be ready to roll.”
Exit Quote - Psalm 3, in the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible:
“Why, O Lord, are they multiplied that afflict me? Many are they who rise up against me. Many say to my soul: There is no salvation for him in his God. But thou, O Lord art my protector, my glory, and the lifter up of my head. I have cried to the Lord with my voice: and He hath heard me from His holy hill. I have slept and taken my rest: and I have risen up, because the Lord hath protected me. I will not fear thousands of the people, surrounding me: arise, O Lord; save me, O my God. For thou hast struck all them who are my adversaries without cause: Thou hast broken the teeth of sinners. Salvation is of the Lord: and Thy blessing is upon Thy people.”
- JP

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