Thursday, October 13, 2011

CFP: Palin Will Fight for Energy and Against Crony Capitalism

A candidate must embrace domestic energy and fight crony capitalism to win her endorsement.
Claude Sandroff, in a CFP op-ed, laments Sarah Palin's decision not to run in 2012 and predicts the GOP will nominate a presidential candidate "less conservative than we had hoped."
But Palin made it clear in her interview with Mark Levin that she would work hard to elect conservative candidates at every level of government. She framed two key themes that will animate her fight as a political outsider as she works with republicans (not against them as a 3rd party spoiler) to prevent Obama’s reelection: energy and crony capitalism. Hardly a syllable about these issues has been uttered by the current candidates but now with Palin’s help they will get the attention they deserve. Her endorsement is highly coveted and to earn it a candidate will have to embrace these two subjects convincingly.

Her unapologetic and knowledgeable advocacy for the development of American-sourced energy has been a Palin trademark for much of her recent career. But her recognition of the level of corruption achieved through Obama’s brand of crony capitalism and its fundamental immorality was a brilliant insight. Those candidates with careers defined outside the boundaries of Washington, DC, like Herman Cain and Mitt Romney, should use the charge of cronyism like a bludgeon against Obama’s hope and change mirage until it completely deflates and disappears.

In Indianola, Iowa last month, in what was her best speech since the 2008 convention, Palin started to focus on her crusade against the “corporate crony capitalism” of Obama with a fervor equal to her discussions about the need to embrace oil and gas exploration.


Palin remarked confidently and seemingly without regret that she decided not to run because family comes first. What Palin might have really meant is that she decided not to run because family safety comes first. Out of Obama and the radical left there has oozed a form of derangement and hatred for populist figures on the right that must be truly frightening for the Palin family to behold. Obama’s goons become more unhinged and threatening every day whether they represent the union movement or appear in the form of pathetic, incoherent, spoiled middle-class street thugs defacing the sidewalks of lower Manhattan.

So by declining to compete for the presidential bid at least we know that Sarah Palin and her family will be safe, or at least safer.

Sandroff expresses his desire to see Gov. Palin appointed to a cabinet position where she can reverse the disastrous energy policies (or lack of same) of present and past administrations if a Republican with some common sense wins the White House in 2012. But even if that doesn't come to pass, we agree with the writer that Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC in Tampa next August will rock the house. It will also serve as a sobering reminder of what could have been.

- JP

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