Friday, October 21, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 393

“Someone Like You” Edition

Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“With Sarah Palin not in the presidential race, it's been extremely difficult to find a candidate that fits the bill. This blogger understands that we have to beat Obama, but who we beat him with is totally up in the air. There isn't one candidate that screams out ‘I'm the one’ the way Palin did. We have Herman Cain. We have Newt Gingrich. We have Rick Santorum. We have Michele Bachmann. They seem to be the best of the bunch, but they all have flaws. At some point we are going to have to overlook flaws, unfortunately, this election cycle. Luckily for us, none of our candidates are as flawed as Obama is. That ought to buy us some time when we win. Winning the election in 2012 is only step one. Step two is learning how to be the party and power yet still be dissatisfied enough to want to work even harder toward finding better leaders to help renew and restore the country. We can start with the Tea Party. We can start with Congress. But someday, someone who believes she doesn't need a title may have to take one on in order to finish the job.”
Joshua Green to Ian Lazaran, via Twitter:
“Gotta say, Palin seemed like the better gov.”
Gary P Jackson, at A Time For Choosing:
“I accept Sarah’s decision and after reflection, support it 100%. Like Reagan, Sarah is ahead of her time, for now. She’s talking about radical change. Changing the entire way government works. She’s talking about major reform. Replacing the corrupt Ruling Class politicians with principled leaders who aren’t for sale to the highest bidder. That change won’t come easy. The Ruling Class isn’t going to go quietly.”
Don Surber, at the Charleston Daily Mail:
“And he is better than Palin?”
Mark America:
“Let’s be honest: Given the choice of McCain and Romney, yes, I’d be inclined to pick Romney. Now, expand my choices by Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson, and yes, I’m going to re-think my previous choice. To be perfectly honest, if tomorrow Sarah Palin decided to change her mind and run, I’d be back back-peddling from any support I might have given any of the rest of these. NO PROBLEM. The simple fact is that if you have limited choices, you may choose the best that remains at the time, but not be overly happy about it.”
Mark America:
“This is why you’re going to be looted for as long as they can get away with it. What do you think is the possible meaning of the story about which Sarah Palin tweeted her outrage over on Thursday night?”
Ron Devito, at US for Palin:
“I would be highly irresponsible to suggest as fact that Gov. Palin is currently running unconventionally for President. I would be blindly foolish to dismiss the clear signs suggesting the possibility. This is why ‘glassing the field’ – picking up the binoculars and slinging the rifle – makes most sense. Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. Only Gov. Palin, Todd, God, and maybe her closest staff know what she’s doing. Given the mortal enemies in her own party and its inability to abide by its own rules, best it’s left that way.”
Jelayne Sessler, at Palin Defender:
“Sarah, I'm not going anywhere. The majority of your support base is on board with you.”
Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air:
“Brutalized? Hardly. Perry rode into the race at the top of the polls and remained there for the first three of these debates, only sliding downward after the third debate in Orlando. If Perry expected to get no questions about his record in Texas, then he should have stayed out of the race. Besides, as many commenters wrote last night in Allahpundit’s post, maybe they should try walking in the Palins’ shoes for a while to understand being ‘brutalized.’”
Jay Newton-Small, at TIME's Swampland blog:
“I thought it might be instructive to look back at some of the lessons Rick Perry can take from Palin’s base whispering.”
Ron Futrell, at Big Journalism:
“A favorite trick of a partisan media is to ask a question, perhaps do a story or two and then drop it like a rubber ball at the feet of the owner. Fetch! They play that game back and forth and nothing ever really happens. They call it ‘action news.’ Somebody, somewhere needs to latch on to the ankles and not let go until the right thing is done. When you ask a question, ask follow-ups, over and over again. The best answer you get from powerful people comes only after the second, third, or fourth follow up. Watch how you did interviews with Sarah Palin if you want to see how that is done.”
Team Gingrich:
“Because he stuck to the issues and didn't engage in sniping with other candidates, Newt won, says Palin.”
Larry Mendte, at The Philly Post:
“Sarah Palin warned of government ‘death panels’ on her Facebook page and was nationally ridiculed. awarded Palin with the ‘Lie of the Year’ for that statement. President Obama called her out during a joint session of Congress saying the claim is ‘a lie, plain and simple.’ I thought of Sarah Palin when I heard the story of Helen Wagner. Helen is 91 years old and is the mother of my sister-in-law Peggy. Give Helen five minutes and she will list a dozen times she has held death at bay. But now she is up against a much greater force: Medicare... When I heard Helen’s story about a new crackdown on government rules that can impact a patient’s care because of their age. I couldn’t help but think that maybe Sarah Palin was right.”
Shawn Ramsey, via the Appomattox Times-Virginian:
“I found out that she loved God, she loves her family and after hearing her speech, she loves America.”
Moira Crooks, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Since Governor Palin announced October 5 that she was not going to seek the GOP nomination, I have been taking a closer look at the declared candidates. I have been trying to slip the shoe of what I look for in a President onto the wrong-sized feet of every last one. The further I look into each one’s records and positions on everything from American Exceptionalism to foreign policy, I cannot be convinced that anyone else can fill Gov. Palin’s shoes.”
Exit Quote - Dr. Seuss:
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
- JP

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