Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gov. Palin: Newt Gingrich ‘would clobber’ Barack Obama in any debate

Says "everybody could learn" from Gingrich. "He's seen it all before."

In an appearance "On The Record" tonight, Sarah Palin told host Greta Van Susteren that what she was looking for in tonight's GOP presidential debate was candidates to actually start detailing their plans, not to simply say that they had a plan or that a plan would be forthcoming from their campaigns. She said she "didn't get a lot of that," but praised Herman Cain for at least having a plan which he has presented.

She said that Americans are still looking for a candidate to rise to the top and be the front-runner. The former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate criticized some of the candidates for bickering, comparing their exchanges tonight to what she sometimes hears from her children. She singled out Newt Gingrich, who "again did the best" on substance.

The 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate called on debate moderators to press candidates when they avoid answering the questions that are asked of them. She praised Michelle Bachmann for her answer on foreign aid for Israel and said a format which provides only sixty seconds for answers doesn't allow candidates to detail their positions on issues, citing Rick Perry's difficulty in effectively explain his stance on illegal immigration.

h/t: SarahNET

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  1. If Palin endorses Gingrich, that could be the Black Swan tide turner in this nomination battle! As it it, it seemed that this segment on Greta was already virtually an endorsement.