Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 390

“Free as a Bird” Edition

Mark America:
“Since yesterday’s announcement on the Mark Levin show, there has been a good deal of discussion over what sort of role Governor Palin will play going forward. As ever, that decision is entirely up to her, and if it’s to be as an outsider, participating in a grass-roots charge as one of our decidedly stronger voices, I will satisfy myself with that. I realize that by supporting her in that end, it doesn’t mean I will always agree with her on every issue or every race, but because she’s been such a powerfully consistent voice, I will always tend to give her opinion more weight than those of most others. For the same reasons that she has said about how this will ultimately unshackle her, what Sarah Palin has done also liberates me. My goal now turns to one not at all dis-similar from what Sarah Palin has offered: I am and always have been most interested in restoring our nation, and indeed, it has been her devotion to that goal that attracted me to Governor Palin. As she embarks again on this unconventional form of battle, where she seeks political results without seeking political office, I still see in her a force for an amazing potential benefit to our nation, and frankly, given the way things have been going, we need every ally in the struggle we can find. Sarah Palin remains one of the most powerful advocates we will find.”
H. R. Hunt, at Palin4America:
“I’m just saying, if you know Sarah’s history, she has put her kids first before.”
TWB, at The POH Diaries:
“The reason Sarah Palin isn’t running for President is because from the moment she was picked as McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee, the media and the establishment set out to destroy her. Destroy her they didn’t. But damage her? There can be no argument that Sarah Palin is a damaged political figure. Damaged in the sense that it will be a tall order for her to ever win a national election without the cards falling just right in her favor. However, in the sense that she’s still incredibly effective at being a great spokesperson for American and Conservative values and she has been and will continue to be the greatest of King makers, they failed in their mission to damage her enough. To be quite frank, there’s still way too many stupid people in this country for someone like Sarah Palin to win the Presidency. Figure that one out on your own.”
Bob Belvedere, at The Camp Of The Saints :
“Needless to say, I’m very disappointed…and very worried because none of the other announced candidates fully understands what bad shape we are in.”
Vicki McClure Davidson, at Frugal Café Blog Zone:
“Love and admire you tremendously, Sarah. I’m sure that many conservative Americans’ hearts are broken to hear this news, but there are others, myself included, who are highly supportive of her decision. I’m sure that the welfare of her family (the statist media and liberal comedians have already viciously torn into her daughters and her baby son for more than three years now) had quite a bit to do with it... You’re one gutsy, magnificent woman who has more integrity, courage, and strength in your pinkie finger than few (if any) in the Democrat party has in their entire body. I believe Palin being one of the citizen voices behind the grassroots tea party movement, free market and conservative principles will be a greater force of reckoning.”
Michelle Malkin:
“Sarah Palin will continue to be one of the nation’s most powerfully effective voices for grass-roots conservatism. She is at her best when challenging the Beltway GOP establishment and taking on the corruption and profligacy in both parties. More power to her.”
Michelle McCormick, of O4P, to Stacy McCain:
“I keep telling people, no regrets. I've had so much fun doing this -- the people that I've met and good friendships I've made -- I would not trade that for anything. Shoot -- I got to meet Sarah Palin a couple of times. Man, that was awesome…. We still respect Governor Palin and respect her decision.… I will always respect Sarah Palin. Next to my mom, she's one of my biggest role models. I've had a wonderful journey doing this.”
Phineas Fahrquar, at Public Secrets:
“So I ask the editorial’s author: How would it be passing a test of leadership to hang on to an office at the price of it being paralyzed by the complaints... and her family being bankrupted? Would you seriously call that leadership? Honestly?”
Lori Calabrese, at
“Although Palin supporters are a bit disappointed, it's important to remind everyone about Palin's role in the 2010 midterm elections. The former Alaska governor threw her support behind dozens of candidates, a mixture of tea party types and more established Republicans. The Washington Post even went so far as creating a Palin political tracker that mapped out her endorsements. It's no surprise that already several 2012 candidates have reached out to her. I don't expect Palin to fade from the scene and a Palin endorsement is more valuable than ever.”
Newt Gingrich, via Twitter:
“Gov Palin would have been a formidable candidate-- she will be an important citizen fighting right fights- making a difference”
Gov. Nikki Haley, of South Carolina:
“I think that if she had gotten in it would have been great, for her not to get in, I think she is still a force to be reckoned with. She’s had a few years of just a roller coaster. What I can tell you is that everything she does to help better our country has been successful. She’s amazing to know the power of their voice; she’s amazing at trying to remind people of what it means to be conservative. I think she’s going to be a voice and I think she will continue to empower the people. I don’t think she’s going anywhere, I think she said she is just going to take a new role.”
Ian Lazaran, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“It’s kind of ironic that she chose the most low-profile way to bow out of the race given the media narratives that are out there about her desire for attention.”
Scott Conroy, at RealClearPolitics:
“Back in August, Palin and her husband, Todd, even convened a rare in-person meeting in Arizona with five of her closest advisers to lay out the framework for how a wildly unconventional presidential campaign would be run, a SarahPAC aide told RCP. Two sources close to Palin said that family concerns ended up being a major factor in her ultimate decision not to enter the race... Palin almost certainly would have been a major factor in the race had she decided to join it. Immediately upon becoming a candidate, Palin would have sucked up the lion’s share of the political media’s focus. Furthermore, she likely would have reaped the rewards of her underestimated retail politicking skills in places like Iowa, despite her lack of a political infrastructure there.”
C. Edmund Wright, at American Thinker:
“The fundamental transformation Palin opposes maximizes government and minimizes liberty. If that fundamental transformation is not stopped, America will cease to exist as the Founders envisioned it and as we have known it... Sarah Palin, unlike many who denigrate her, has a mind great enough to understand that. We all need to.”
Adam Brickley, at The Daily Caller:
“The people who would have been the core supporters of a Palin campaign are now the biggest and most powerful bloc of free agents in the 2012 primary, and I’m practically salivating at the idea of watching the establishment candidates trek up to Wasilla to genuflect and beg for an endorsement. Every last one of them... As for the rest of us, we are more than happy to throw our weight around. We’re not in the mood to kiss and make up with the party bosses, and no one can afford to take us for granted. If you thought we were going to make your life hell as a campaign, wait until you see what we can do as a pressure group. We’ve already got a huge presence on the Web thanks to Conservatives4Palin and the rest of the Palin bloggers, and we now have a big grassroots network as well, thanks to the hard work of Organize4Palin. Do you really think we’re not going to use all of that cool stuff? It’s also important to remember that Sarah Palin has at least a quarter century left in her political life... The possibilities really are endless, and there will be many, many of us backing her up along the way.”
Exit Quote - Henrik Ibsen, at Lipstick 2012:
“A forest bird never wants a cage.”
- JP

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