Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That spirit is already in Piper's DNA, Stacy

Stacy McCain received an e-mail from the Brenham Banner-Press asking him to see if he could confirm that the rocking horse on which Piper Palin is perched in a photo from the USA Today Mothers Day story on the Palin family is the same one a Brenham resident built and sent as a gift to the Palins:

That other McCain was able, through one of his sources, to confirm that it is indeed the same item (the Texas flag on the side of the horse was no doubt a helpful clue). Hmmm. Wonder if the gent from Brenham sent some Blue Bell ice cream up Wasilla way along with that horse? Stacy concludes by expressing his wish that Piper "absorbs some of that courageous Lone Star spirit that earned Texans their famous praise":
“They have fought grandly, nobly,
and we must have more of them.”
Not to worry, good sir. Piper already has that fighting spirit all wrapped up in her personal genetic code, and she didn't even need a rocking horse from this great state to donate the DNA. We think her mom and Dad have that taken care of very nicely.

Todd Palin, after all, finished the 2008 running of the gruelling 1,971-mile Iron Dog snowmobile endurance race in fourth place, despite having crashed into a 55-gallon oil drum hidden in the snow. The first dude estimated that he was going 50 to 60 mph at the time, and it sent him flying some 70 feet through the air. It was quite a painful experience and broke his arm, but Todd has a lot of fight in him. He just manned up and rode the last 400 miles with a broken arm. No Big Joe Biden Deal. How did Todd describe the episode to Sarah? "He said, 'I got bumped around a little bit,'" Gov. Palin explained.

And, in case you haven't noticed, the Heath side of Piper's family tree has no shortage of gutsy genetic matter either. Sarah Palin has been fighting the Obama administration and its neosocialist agenda fiercely and courageously for quite some time now. And she has been doing so with gallantry unmatched by most others in the conservative camp. David Karki took note of this about a year ago, and in a North Star Writers Group op-ed, paraphrased Lincoln's famous quote of Grant:
"We cannot spare this woman – she fights."
Much as we proud Texas are more than willing to pass the cup of courage around, we're confident that little Piper or any of the other members of the Palin clan won't need nary a sip. We'll offer it instead to someone who really could use it. (Suggestions?) But we certainly did appreciate seeing General Lee's inspiring quote about the Texas Brigade. Thank you, suh!

Update: That Brenham resident is Antonio Palacios, and the Banner-Press published this feature article about him.

- JP

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