Monday, July 12, 2010

Andrew Malcolm: The mounting momentum of 'The Unstoppable Sarah Palin'?

From our good friend, the unsinkable Andrew Malcolm:
Apparently some folks who don't like Sarah Palin but spend an awful lot of time tracking her online anyway read our recent item about how extraordinarily rich Sarah Palin isn't and objected to her e-mailed fund-raising link being in there. More properly that link should go to the SarahPAC site itself. So here is that link.


Andrew Sullivan over at The Atlantic -- no fan of SP's -- headlined an interesting Friday blog item, "The Unstoppable Sarah Palin."

He was taken by a John Ellis column that describes Palin as having cleverly positioned herself as the conservative counter-revolutionary to anything and everything being done by those D.C. suits. Ellis makes a compelling argument that by this December Palin becomes the de facto GOP front-runner for 2012. He notes that the Republican base doesn't just like Palin; it loves her, especially the women.


Whether after two more years of Democrat Barack Obama Americans at large come to feel Palin is capable of the presidency is an argument for the campaign after the '12 GOP convention.

But as hopefully far-fetched as that might seem to Palin's passionate critics, go back to this point in the previous presidential cycle, to the summer of 2006, 28 months before the 2008 election when Republicans still controlled the White House and both houses of Congress, as Democrats do now.

Who would have swooned then over the White House chances of a little-known ex-state senator who'd never even run a fishing boat?
Read Brother Malcolm's op-ed in its entirety here.

- JP

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