Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jerry Wilson: Different day, same Allahpundit BS about Sarah Palin

Our Blogs 4 Palin colleague at Goldfish and Clowns unloads on Allahpundit Callouspundit:
Let us return to the patron saint of beta males and his latest jab at a woman who accomplishes more while brushing her teeth in the morning than AP will in the entirety of his life span on this planet.

Back-handed pseudo-compliments? Of course.

Poorly-hidden accusations of her playing the victimization game? Naturally.

Cheap-shot labeling (“retail politician”)? Certainly.

Whining in the comments about how any word to the contrary of his sniveling is nothing more than drivel from Palin worshipers? On cue.

Be proud, Michelle Malkin, for bringing this bozo back from the blogging graveyard...
"Patron saint of beta males" -- wish we had thought of that. Read Jerry's full post here.

- JP


  1. I really am sorry to say this but more often than not, nowadays, St. Allah the P just bores me.

    His beta-male-geeky-"Am I a RINO?" schtick is very tiresome. Almost on a daily basis he'll throw up some Palin post knowing that it will get hits and that he can poke some fun at her supporters. He'll try and make it seem like it's nothing more than a light-hearted and innocent little "joke" when he does it but it's so incredibly stale and lame to keep rehashing the same old thing over, and over again.

    Yeah, we get it, AP. You like to think you can "rile up" the Palin people. We got "it" a looooong time ago. GIVE IT A REST.

    To be fair, he does do good work, now and then. But most of his "schtick" just involves polls [e.g., oh my! ... heartache ... panic time ... etc.], "Dude" stories, geek stuff, celebrity of the day news, and whatever table scraps Ed leaves for him to snack on overnight.

    And for the love of Pete, AtheistPundit, enough with the over analyzing of every little thing!

    "Is so-and-so really trying to do B rather than A? Or could he be secretly aiming to accomplish plan C, instead? Why not? Maybe plan C *is* the better choice given the scenario that I've laid out. Maybe plan A is just a ruse to make us *think* that plan C is off the table. Or, it could be...."

    Exit Question: Why would an anonymous beta-male blogger -- who takes umbrage at any perceived mischaracterization of his words -- accuse an über-successful, alpha-female, Ex-Governor "retail politician" who is changing the face of American politics -- while taking more criticism in a *day* than said blogger does in a *lifetime* -- of playing the victim card?

    Let's go to the polls!

  2. "Gulp."

    I forgot his "gulp" posts.

    [Touché, JP. Touché! But perhaps a bit too nuanced. ;-]

  3. JP, David Frum is another ceaseless attacker. In his latest he uses a picture of the Governor to illustrate why, allegedly, moderates are leaving the right. Of course, he was all happy to start a thread on the twitter "refudiate" silliness too. Here is the moderate post: I think it would be great if you started reporting on this Canadian pretend conservative.