Thursday, July 22, 2010

The DC: Sarah Palin strikes back at Journolist’s ’sick puppies’

Sarah Palin responded Thursday to the latest batch of JournoList emails uncovered by The Daily Caller. This group of messages were posted to the list on the same day that the McCain campaign introduced her as their candidate's choice to be the GOP's vice presidential candidate in 2008. Gov. Palin spoke out against the “sick puppies” in the media who so viciously attacked her immediately after McCain introduced her to the nation at a rally in Dayton, Ohio.

The governor's first remarks about the latest JournoList revelations were made exclusively to The Daily Caller:
She said the media became a key reason she decided not to finish out her term as governor and faults, in part, the McCain campaign for failing to vigorously defend her.


Palin said she sensed the vitriol coming from campaign reporters at the time.

“It was too obvious to me, my family, my administration and anyone else who knew me (and my record) that we were in a defenseless position the minute I gave my acceptance speech and the hordes of Obama’s opposition researchers-slash ‘reporters’ had descended upon Alaska,” Palin told The DC.


“To not have had the McCain campaign staff defend my record was an insurmountable challenge, because once a bell is rung, it’s impossible to un-ring,” Palin said.


“It didn’t help, either, that the hours and hours of interviews with the likes of Katie Couric resulted in a few minutes here and there of selected snippets of my annoyed answers. (I naively had not believed at the time of some of the badgering questions [for example, questioning my pro-life position] that the editing process would fulfill their biased purpose),” Palin said.

Palin says the feeding frenzy culture of the media galvanized her political opponents in Alaska. “The media incentivized political opponents to file false ethics charges and expensive, wasteful, frivolous lawsuits against me, my family and my staff, in an obvious attempt to destroy us,” Palin said.

When those lawsuits — which Palin said she won, but the media didn’t cover — caused legal costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Palin had finally had it, she said.
The DC's Jonathan Strong talked with "Fox & Friends" about today's batch of JournoList emails:

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