Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mary Beth House makes a Palin conservative’s case for Newt Gingrich

This C4P post by Mary Beth House speaks for itself, and eloquently so (excerpt):
We were spoiled.

We thought that this time…this election cycle…we’d be able to pull the lever for someone with whom we had almost no disagreements with.

And then…on October 5th, Governor Palin announced that this would not be the case.
For most if not all of us, that was quite a blow. I know it was for me.

At first, I wondered, does she want to be wooed as the reluctant candidate? I can do that! I even registered a domain name that could work to that end. But the more I watched…the more I listened…I realized she has chosen a different path for herself than what I would have wanted.

It took me a little time to regroup but after a week or two of anger, frustration and sadness…finally at the end came acceptance.

I know some however are still living with the mindset that we can choose her path for us…that we can go back to the place where we were going to be able to vote without having to think of it strategically or having to think about it pragmatically. Some are still thinking with their hearts.

But I think that it’s clear…we need to start thinking with our heads and recognize that regardless of how much we want something, that doesn’t mean we’re going to get it. We must live in the reality of what is, not what we wish were true.

With that in mind…I had to start my own journey of looking at the candidates.

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- JP

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