Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gov. Palin weighs in on Occupy protesters

"We haven't lost our edge. It's our leaders in Washington who have lost their minds."

Sarah Palin weighs in on Occupy protesters:

Sarah Palin told the crowd at an Orlando GOP fundraiser that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators should take their protests to the White House. She also said President Barack Obama and the protesters share the attitude of entitlement to other people's productivity and money:
Speaking before a crowd at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Victory Dinner at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort in Florida, Gov. Palin said she wanted a federal government that understood the difference between empowerment and entitlement.

"To see this struggle in action, look no further than the Occupy Wall Street movement," she said. "When it first kind of got off the ground... I looked at it as thinking, well these folks, they feel legitimate indignation about the Wall Street bailouts -- financial institutions behaving recklessly, and then we get stuck with the bill... many of us still quite ticked off about it all, because we don't have assurances that those who caused the financial collapse in the first place... are being held accountable and that it won't happen again."

She said though the movement may have begun in earnest, positions have evolved, and its organizers have drawn the wrong conclusions. Of the protesters, she said, "They say, 'Wall Street 'fat cats' got a bailout, so now I want one too,' and the correct answer is, 'No one is entitled to a bailout.'"

A longer, but not quite complete, video of her speech is here

- JP


  1. I used to watch Reagan videos and miss what was. Now I watch Palin videos and miss what could be.

  2. Sarah's speech is one of her best. Her message is spot on and her delivery - measured, assured, animated enough to keep the interest of her audience - was fantastic.

    Patrick, it will be when the time is right.