Friday, November 25, 2011

Bannon: Grit, Tenacity and Fortitude

"She is the most anti-establishment figure in modern political history..."
Here's an excerpt from a profile "The Undefeated" filmmaker Stephen Bannon wrote about Gov. Palin, as the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute honors influential and prominent conservative women who have made a significant positive impact on our republic:

I repeatedly get asked: “Why would you make a movie about Sarah Palin–what could we possibly not already know about her?”

The answer is quite simply, “everything that’s important.”

Sarah Palin is what I describe as a “McLuhanesque” figure—one of the most media-saturated people in the world, relentlessly covered by the 24/7 news cycle, yet her real story is there hiding in plain sight, never having been told.

And what story exactly is that? The rise of a woman from complete obscurity to national prominence through her own force of will and sense of justice.


She is the most anti-establishment figure in modern political history, from her time on the Wasilla city council through her “crony capitalism” speech against the “permanent political class” at the Iowa Classic Balloon Field on Labor Day weekend 2011, this is someone who has stood by the side of the working men and women of this country, at every level, for the last 20 years.

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