Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kelly O'Connell: Tebow, Palin & the Logic of Thanksgiving

Kelly O'Connell's op-ed explores "the secret perversion of Tim & Sarah's hateful critics," and how that is at odds with the founder's view, exemplified by our uniquely American holiday:
Shall we unveil the 700-pound Tasmanian devil in the room? The chief reason the average crank hates Tim Tebow & Sarah Palin is because both are open and unapologetic Christians. Although typical anti-American bigots are loathe to admit this fact, it is transparently true. Further, it is the essential values and characteristics of authentic Christianity which most of these non-believers find highly objectionable. This same anti-religious bigotry now threatens to atomize America’s once nearly impregnable foundations.

Currently, atheism is more esteemed than American Idol contestants. Meanwhile, atheists pour out disdain against Christians like so many Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. For example, consider the juvenile ramblings of Richard Dawkins, whose works create a toxic minefield of assorted fallacies, while raging blindly against God. This article examines the loss of a Christian worldview in America, as hinted at by the fury poured out against Sarah Palin and Tim Tebow for merely openly espousing their beliefs. The article goes on to suggest America may still restore our glory days if we turn away from failed and godless political ideals, and once again honor Him—as we did originally, so many years ago—on the first Thanksgiving day.


Tim’s very open Christian witness is considered an odious assault against popular decorum and so must be driven from public life after a proper shaming. Only, Tebow has yet to get this message.


Has any public figure ever been pilloried more savagely for less reason than Governor Sarah Palin? A person of both strong faith and winsome disposition, Palin attracted more savages responses than would a barbecue pit located at the entrance of Mecca. But why? Her ocean of critics will give a thousand “good reasons” why she is just one loathsome step removed from the anti-Christ. Yet, is it not inevitable her very public faith and possible proximity to the Oval Office—caused this remarkable tsunami of condemnation?


Thanksgiving seems like the last American holiday to not suffer a perverse re-defining of its original meaning to suck out all life, and replace with materialism. So what is the essence of our national creed, revealed by Thanksgiving?

Former professor of History, Newt Gingrich reminds us of this holiday’s true meaning:
America’s First Thanksgiving: A Wholly Holy Celebration

As we all enjoy turkey and the trimmings this Thanksgiving, you may be interested to know that the first Thanksgiving celebration in America was a completely religious observance that didn’t include a feast.

It occurred in 1619—more than a year before the Pilgrims arrived from Massachusetts. A group of 38 English settlers arrived in Virginia and set aside a day to give thanks to God for their safe passage. The three-day festival of food and friendship that was the origin of Thanksgiving as we know it today didn’t occur until 1621.

Not Just a Private Celebration, a Public Thanks to God.
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