Tuesday, November 29, 2011

John Hayward: TV Ad In Iowa Urges Palin To Reconsider

Futile, but not pointless.
John Hayward comments at Human Events on the "Reconsider" effort (excerpt):
It’s far too late for Palin to enter the GOP primary, as too many filing deadlines have passed. There has been some speculation that she would consider a third-party run, based largely on her thoughts about the “unconventional” nature of the 2012 elections. However, when she appeared on Mark Levin’s radio show to announce that she wouldn’t enter the Republican primary race, Palin said, “I would assume that a third party would just guarantee Obama’s re-election, and that’s the last thing our republic can afford, so the consideration is not there for a third party, no.”

The “Reconsider” ad might be futile, but that doesn’t mean it’s pointless. It’s a very clear reminder to the GOP candidates what they must do to attract Palin’s supporters. Whether any of them can espouse these beliefs convincingly, let alone as well as Palin does, is a matter of debate… but as the candidates run their ground game ahead of the Iowa primaries, it’s useful to remind them of what Palin conservatives want to hear.

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Another positive outcome of the "Reconsider" campaign is that Gov. Palin may give those of her supporters who have had difficulty accepting her decision a final answer which could at last bring them closure.

- JP

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