Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fast, Furious and Relentless

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to be a part of Texans for Sarah Palin. Josh was kind enough to reach out to me to assist with keeping this site rolling and relevant. I'm committed to doing that.

Although I don't anticipate a lot of changes, I do have some ideas that I'll be rolling out in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please take some time to read Governor Palin's post regarding the unfolding Fast and Furious scandal in Washington. Although we've been told in the past that this effort was designed to provide a means to further restrict our 2nd amendment rights, we now have a certain amount of proof, which the Governor pointed out.

If I can borrow a few phrases and twist them to my own purposes, reform in Washington needs to be fast, furious and relentless!

My colleagues and I are hard at work preparing the stage for the next Grizzly Fest. That has been my primary focus of late, in addition to my BlogTalkRadio Show. As more clarity becomes apparent on the details on the next Grizzly Fest, y'all will be the first to know.

Suffice it to say that the upcoming Grizzly Fest will feature a bigger and better platform that we hope will bring you the unique experience that you all deserve. As we head into the meat of next years elections, we hope to bring you cutting-edge stuff inspired by Governor Palin that will help prepare you to make an impact on those elections.

Stay tuned!

- Roderic Deane

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