Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ed Morrissey on the Palin radio ads for Iowa

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey discusses the "Earthquake" ads running in Iowa to try to persuade Sarah Palin to reverse her decision no to jump into the 2012 GOP presidential race:
Iowans might feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices for next Tuesday’s Republican caucuses for the GOP presidential nomination, but one independent group has begun running radio ads insisting that there is still room for one more choice. Calling itself “Sarah Palin’s Iowa Earthquake,” the group will target specific markets in Iowa asking voters to line up behind the Republican Party’s most prominent non-candidate, and other ads will apparently follow:

Can Iowans caucus for Palin at this late date? Sure. Unlike primary states, there is no “ballot” in the legal sense at caucuses. Attendees can write in names on the list of candidates they receive at the caucuses, and those votes will count. Of course, without Palin on the ballot and not officially in the race, not too many caucus-goers may choose to vote for her. If enough are dissatisfied with the current choices, though, she might be a handy code for None of the Above — and might get some significant level of support if the ads prompt enough Iowa voters to consider this as an option.

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To learn which candidates Ed thinks these ads have the potential to hurt the most (hint: not Mitt Romney) and to view all five commercials, follow the link.

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