Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dana Loesch on Media Matters' Clothing Hypocrisy

Big Journalism Editor-in-Chief Dana Loesch calls out Media Matters for engaging in "wardrobe hypocrisy":
Media Matters decides to throw another noodle at the wall and reverse its position on “class warfare” by defending the $2k dresses (to say nothing of the shoes and handbags) worn by the First Lady...


Not only will the media not report on this, but propaganda sites like Media Matters defend it – yet they attacked Sarah Palin for slamming the wardrobe criticism and tried to justify it by saying that the other political candidates were subjected to the same level of scrutiny, which was a lie.


Progressives on Twitter, led by a man who is so paranoid that he thought the Verizon worker at his house was James O’Keefe sent by Andrew Breitbart, are desperately trying to move the goal posts to mask their hypocritical actions in criticizing Palin over her clothing and defending Michelle Obama for hers.

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Just another day in Liberalica, a country quite different from the one most of us live in.

- JP

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