Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AFP: Gov. Palin to visit South Korea

Will meet with South Korean presidential candidates and major politicians
If an AFP report is correct, Sarah Palin will visit South Korea for the first time to speak at a Seoul forum in October, the organizers said Thursday:
Maeil Business Newspaper said the former vice presidential candidate would make a keynote opening speech at the forum organized by the paper from October 11 to 13.

Palin will speak about the US economic crisis, policies to tackle fiscal woes and her country's role in the world at a time when its superpower status is diminishing, the paper said in a news report.

"She also plans to meet with South Korea's next presidential contenders and major politicians during the forum," it said without elaborating
Also speaking at the forum will be Former British prime minister Gordon Brown and Larry Summers, ex-director of US President Barack Obama's National Economic Council, the paper said.

- JP

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