Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hate Sarah Palin, Hate the TEA Party Movement (Updated)

The Axis of Acrimony has declared war on both
The political left, which long ago declared all-out war on the TEA Party movement, has always had the enthusiastic assistance of a corrupt and compliant media to help it smear the ordinary Americans who have turned activist to try to restore some degree of fiscal sanity to the nation's runaway government. Now the hard left and their media left attack dogs have a third partner in their Axis of Acrimony - the RINOs.

Not that the Vichy Republicans haven't always hated the Tea Parties as much as the other two members of their unholy triumvirate. They just haven't been as vocal about it as they've been recently. Leftist TEA Party haters such as Margaret Carlson (via Bloomberg) and William Yeomans (via Politico and RealClearPolitics) have seized on a old meme which had its genesis two years ago in an Obama Administration Department of Homeland Security report characterizing the grandmothers and proud American military veterans of the TEA parties as "right wing extremists." Thanks to the rabid rhetoric of the in-the-hip-pocket-of-the-DNC media mobsters, the threat those mere "extremists" pose to the Beltway Establishment's spending addiction has been elevated to that of "hostage takers" and now "terrorists."

Though the anti-TEA Party rhetoric of the RINOs hasn't been as hysterical as that of their hard left comrades, it is no less acrimonious. It has taken the recent debt ceiling battle for the RINO element of the Axis to fully blow their cover. Thursday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski put the blame for the current debt "crisis" on the House TEA party Caucus. A Wednesday Wall Street Journal editorial mocked TEA Partiers as "Hobbits." And Washington Post House RINO
Jennifer Rubin late last night smeared not just the TEA Party but all fiscal conservatives who believe the county needs a balanced budget amendment as "extremists." So they've come full circle back to that 2009 Obama Administration rhetoric.

So other than their disdain for the TEA Parties and the concept of fiscal responsibility, what else do Jennifer Rubin, Lisa Murkowski and the editors of the Wall Street Journal share in common? They are Palinophobes, one and all. Though Murkowski's hatred of Sarah Palin is deeply personal, the animosity of Rubin and the WSJ editors toward the GOP's first female vice presidential candidate is more that of the garden variety talking points regurgitator. But it is still Palin hatred, a fully grown poisonous plant nurtured by Republicans In Name Only from the gift of a seedling by their leftist crime partners in the Axis of Acrimony.

Update: Kathleen Parker, another Palin hater, drops her own load of RINO manure on the TEA Party and Gov. Palin, as Dan Riehl observes. Appears that all the usual suspects are crawling out from under their rocks to cast stones, being -- in their own minds, at least -- completely without sin.

- JP

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