Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 374

“Closer To The Heart” Edition

Mark America:
“While it is true to say the Tea Party won the debate, it’s likewise clear that the themes Governor Palin has been discussing since 2008 are really the foundation of the ongoing Republican discussion. Who raised the issue of energy production? Who was the first to openly and harshly criticize QE2 and predict the effects we’ve all now witnessed? Which Republican is the only one to take on the whole of the Republican establishment in her state, and lately, in Washington DC? What all of the candidates on the debate stage Monday night hoped to do was capture the ground already occupied by Sarah Palin. Battle as they might, none of them ever reach that high footing because in fact, they’re all turning out to be poor imitators. They’re mostly good people, to be sure, but they’re trying to be that which they cannot: Washington DC outsiders... Add to this the fact that Sarah Palin is notable by her absence, but also by her heavy influence, and what you realize is that until she makes her final decision, this race is going to lack the fire and the heart that will be needed to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.”
Sarah Huisenga, at CBS News:
“Bachmann¹s campaign issued a press release offering support for her line of attack. The headline unabashedly borrowed Palin's recent turn of the phrase for a headline: ‘Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism: The 2007 Vaccination Executive Order Fiasco.’ Palin seemed more flattered than irked by the imitation.”
Jim Acosta, at CNN:
“Jim Hightower, the man Perry beat in his first statewide race for Texas agriculture commissioner, often says there are three ways to look at the state's longest-serving governor -- ‘cronyism, phonyism and goofyism.’ Perry's allies can brush off Hightower. But not former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. In her strongest indication yet she may enter the race for the GOP nomination, Palin strongly condemned Perry's actions in an interview on Fox News after the debate. ‘This is crony capitalism. That's part of the problem we have in this country. People are afraid, even within our own party, to call one another out on that,’ Palin said. Perry was in damage control for most of the night.”
Danny Yadron, at the Wall Street Journal:
“Ms. Palin’s comments marked the first time the tea-party favorite explicitly criticized Mr. Perry over the Gardasil vaccine. She has railed against ‘crony capitalism’ in speeches and on TV, though without ever mentioning a specific candidate besides President Barack Obama.”
Lori Calabrese, at Examiner.com:
“As the heat between GOP presidential candidates continues to rise, one person getting a kick out of the whole drama playing out on TV is Sarah Palin.
Palin appeared on ‘On the Record with Greta Van Susteren’ Monday night after Monday's GOP presidential debate and weighed in on the candidates and the deafening silence when it comes to the issues that the candidates should be addressing, many that Palin has confronted on her Facebook page, and in speeches across the country... Palin pointed out that any of these candidates would be better than Obama, but that we also have to hold them accountable for their actions, a move that should raise even more speculation of a Palin run.”
Kevin DuJan, at Hillbuzz:
“Governor Sarah Palin appeared on Greta van Susteran’s PatOn the Record’ with her commentary on the declared candidates... there were 5 clear clues in her FOX appearance last night that the Governor’s soon to announce her candidacy...”
James Delingpole, at The Telegraph:
“The problem for Rick is that his stout words are in severe danger of being eclipsed by an even finer speech by Sarah Palin at Indianola, Iowa... I think if she goes on like this, all bets for Perry, Bachmann, Paul are off. I think President Palin might just be the only game in town... But here she has found a universal narrative, of potential appeal to voters on both sides of the political divide. Whether we're on the left or the right it really makes no difference: we're ALL being shafted by a system over which we have little if any democratic control. And Mama Grizzly, for one, has had enough of this charade... Palin gets it in the same way this man got it in his First Inaugural Address.”
Lara Brown PhD, at The New Agenda:
“If sexism doesn’t derail her candidacy... Sarah Palin has the best chance of winning – not just the nomination, but also the general election.”
Stacy on the Right:
“Palin turns a Lemon into sweet lemonade... As hesitant as I am to quote Don Lemon of CNN, it just gives me the glees to read his piece... on CNN Living about the reigning queen of conservatism Sarah Palin. I mean he actually compliments her in a very well thought out sincere way absent snark of any kind. He notes the very complimentary tones of the top Republican contenders for the nomination and even marvels at her ability to embrace perceived negatives and turn them into weapons in her considerable arsenal of media tools.”
Bonfire of the Absurdities, at IHateTheMedia.com:
“After 3 years, NY Times discovers Sarah Palin is an anti-establishment populist.”
Patricia Kilday Hart, at the Houston Chronicle:
“In a speech last week in Iowa, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took aim against career politicians who reward their campaign contributors with government favors... While Palin won applause from her conservative audience by focusing on the president, many political observers believe her remarks were aimed at another target: Rick Perry, whose lengthy tenure in office leaves him vulnerable to the charge he has rewarded campaign contributors with government favors. She raised a question central to the GOP's mission: If Republicans hope to defeat Obama because he engages in ‘crony capitalism,’ is Perry the right candidate to carry that message?”
iBankCoin Financial News:
“Sarah Palin Speaks Truth to Power... The real reason some people are afraid of her.”
Tom Donelson, at A Hollywood Republican:
Palin began her career in Alaska attacking the corruption within her own Party and the chumminess that many of her Party and the Democrats had with the oil companies. She went to war with the Republican Party establishment, then the Democrats and finally after she became governor, oil companies... Palin is directing her fire at companies like GE which depend upon government loopholes and subsidies to make their profits while the government declares war on the entrepreneurs... Palin is talking of a conservatism that opposes the Levitation that has grown in Washington, sucked in much of the corporate class before becoming overbearing and oppressive. She is in the forefront of a new conservative main street populism that could become part of a new conservative movement for the 21st century.”
Elizabeth Hawkes, at Arks Way:
“It’s common knowledge that inaccessible, title-toting and power hungry leaders scheming from backrooms are good at taking the life’s blood from hard working people, and they are, after all, bought and sold. Sarah is neither.”
Pat, at Standing Pat:
“Just watched the CNN GOP debate, and then Greta’s interview with Palin. Palin was very hard on Perry and supported her points. She was as direct as ever. Then Greta interviewed Gingrich and he took time to praise Palin’s Indianola speech. He called it her best speech ever and he talked about her attack on crony capitalism. The New York Times had a piece recognizing that Palin had shifted the political debate. Gingrich is a smart guy and I think he saw that Palin had broken new ground with this speech. Why would he highlight a speech by a potential rival? Maybe he’s angling for her support one way or another or maybe he simply wanted to recognize the important contribution she made to the debate. One thing is for certain: ‘Crony Capitalism’ is now in play, and Palin put it there.”
Exit Quote - Billy Graham:
“Give me five minutes with a person's checkbook, and I will tell you where their heart is.”
- JP

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