Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 270

"Hollywood Two Millimeter Hate" Edition
Tim Ross, at A Hollywood Republican:
“The marriage between the Democrat Party and Hollywood is the new Big Brother. And Big Brother is tasked with indoctrinating a large society into a left wing perspective. The most efficient way is to present a single message to a massive audience, and this is done organically, yet methodically, through your television using story, character, dialogue, comedy and/or drama... On Saturday night, NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosted by Tina Fey lived up to their usual left wing agenda... [against] favorite SNL target Gov. Sarah Palin... HBO is currently working on ‘Game Change,’ presumably an anti-Palin movie produced almost exclusively by Barack Obama supporters... Hollywood’s version of Two Minutes’ Hate.”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“The Palin-hating media were as usual enthralled by Fey's performance...”
Jim Geraghty, at NRO's The Campaign Spot:
“Sarah Palin has been the subject of a reality television series; her daughter has had a prominent role in a second reality series and now will star in yet another reality television series, one that will air during the final weeks before the Iowa caucuses ... This is not the first time a presidential candidate’s family member has presented a political complication... As far as distractions go, this is pretty small potatoes, and clearly, Bristol Palin is a grown woman who can make her own decisions.”
Nat Brown, at NRO's Media Blog:
“Remember when all those liberals became more and more confused and angry each week Bristol Palin survived on ‘Dancing with the Stars?’ Well, they might blow an aneurysm when they find out that Bristol will have soon her own reality show on the Bio channel.”
Don Surber, at the Charleston Daily Mail:
“Plastic surgery for Bristol Palin? ... I looked at it and thought, well she’s lost some weight and improved her make-up. And that eventually was the London Daily Mail’s conclusion. But you have to sell newspapers, right? ... It is telling that a foreign newspaper, albeit one with a keen interest in US politics, is obsessed not just with Sarah Palin, but with her daughter. Have they run out of Royals to marry off in England?”
Laura Donovan, at The Daily Caller:
“Bristol Palin has blossomed since 2008, when, through no choice of her own, she stepped into the limelight for her mother Sarah’s vice presidential campaign.”
Neil Munro, at The Daily Caller:
“Sarah Palin tweeted into the growing controversy over Michelle Obama’s decision to invite Chicago rapper ‘Common’ to a White House arts event for students. ‘Oh lovely, White House,’ she said about Common’s ‘A Letter to the Law’ rap-poem [language alert], which was transcribed and published in yesterday’s Daily Caller. The 2007 rap includes threats to kill police and a call to kill then-President George W. Bush.”
“If Palin were a Democrat, she’d be ‘the common man’s choice’...”
Sheila Barber, at Fresh Brewed Conservatism:
“Hubby has always said he wants me to be the ‘Sarah Palin’ of Lee County. I think I’ll take him up on that. She makes no bones about it and neither will I: our country’s fate is at stake... Can you or I match her toughness, her will, and determination? Are we willing to carry the torch like she does withstanding the arrows that are shot at her daily by her enemies? Can I really be like Sarah? Hmmm. Time to write a new chapter in my life, keep fighting for America, and find out... Matter of fact, I think I already am like Sarah.”
Adrienne Ross, at Motivation Truth:
“One thing I've noticed about people who have believed the lamestream media lies about Governor Palin is that many lose all ability to think rationally when her name is mentioned.”
Jeffrey Lord, at The American Spectator:
“To understand why a Frank Luntz focus group was wowed by Herman Cain... and Rick Santorum during the recent South Carolina GOP/Fox debate, why the surging poll numbers for Donald Trump or the now enduring popularity of Sarah Palin, the potential for upset that lies in Iowa with a Michele Bachmann, the fanatic applause for Ron Paul and ongoing fascination with Newt Gingrich is to understand one very important fact about America. A fact that lies at the heart of American politics, culture, heroes, and an entire way of life -- indeed a fact about the heart of America itself. America is a nation of Outsiders... Thus a country that is being mandated by Insiders into a health care system that reeks of a European welfare state quite expectedly rebels. No system premised, as is Obamacare, on the model that an elite Insider group of alleged health care experts is going to be calling the shots on your health care is survivable. Why? It translates instantly and badly as the notion of becoming a country where, as was once said in George Orwell's Animal Farm, some are more equal than others. Something already evidenced in the rush to get waivers from the government to escape this or that clause of Obamacare.”
John Nolte, via Twitter:
“Palin connects the dots: '50+k of last months new jobs came from McDonald's ... who received ObamaCare waiver! '”
John Hayward, at Human Events:
“One result that may surprise people, given how the mainstream media often paints Palin as someone who would have a narrow base of support should she run for the GOP nomination, was that, according to Gallup, ‘despite her strong Tea Party connections, Palin receives as much support from liberal/moderate Republicans as she does from conservative Republicans, 15% vs. 13%. Also, there is little differentiation in preferences for her by region, ranging from 12% in the West and Midwest to 14% in the South and 16% in the East.’”
Emily Esfahani Smith, at The Blaze:
“According to a Gallup poll released today, for the first time a majority of Republicans think that the U.S. needs a third political party... Who might lead this third party? Well, in the past, Sarah Palin has voiced her support for a third party. ‘If they start straying, then why not a third party?’”
Joshua Green, a Senior Editor at left-wing The Atlantic:
“Her critics dismiss her out of hand for a number of obvious reasons, especially for her abrupt decision two years ago to quit her governorship. But in her brief tenure as governor, Palin was strikingly effective on the issue that matters most in Alaska, its oil and gas politics. Through sheer force of will... she managed to solve, at least for a time, the problem that lay at the heart of Alaska's politics for a generation: how to break the oil companies' grip on the state and capture a fair share of their profits for Alaskans. Palin's major achievement was winning an oil tax that did just that and was called Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share (ACES). While reporting the piece, I came to think of it as her ‘secret’ success because, while there is nothing hidden about it, no one, including Palin herself that I can see, pays it any mind -- even though it has helped bring Alaska a $12 billion budget surplus, an achievement most presidential hopefuls would brag about incessantly (and justifiably).”
- JP

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