Monday, March 14, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 233

"Obsessed and Deranged" Edition

Mark Whittington at Yahoo! News:
"Sarah Palin has been depicted on the small screen a number of times since she burst into national consciousness. The news that Julianne Moore will play her in an HBO movie about the 2008 election is just the latest instance... One of the reviewers at the media site Ainitcool permeated the news that Moore was going to play Palin with a venomous rant about how terrible Palin is. An article in the Times Live expressed the hope that she would be 'humiliated again.' Considering that the source material for the film, Game Change, was a hit piece on Republicans in general and Palin in particular, she can pretty much count on it. Besides, the director and screenwriter proved in their depiction of Katherine Harris in their last offering, 'Recount,' that they don't understand conservative, religious women... Will Palin ever get a break on the small or big screen, even if she becomes President? We should only live that long."
Tim Ross at A Hollywood Republican:
"HBO’s Palin Derangement Syndrome... I thought it important for everyone to know who these folks are making this pay television movie..."
Daniel Clark at The Land of the Free:
"Anybody can see that Rove has some problem with Palin other than her credibility as a candidate, because so many others have far greater deficiencies than she does... In George W. Bush, Rove had a candidate many times more marketable than either of his Democrat opponents. Yet he prevailed by only the narrowest of margins, against a creepy, lisping doomsayer, and a countercultural elitist with the personality of a sardine sandwich. One would expect a brilliant politcal strategist to have an easier time pulling that off. As Bush’s advisor inside the White House, Rove can also take credit for devising the cunning strategy of remaining silent while being flogged with false accusations on a daily basis. By contrast, the punditry almost unanimously frowned on Palin for having the nerve to defend herself against suggestions that she was somehow responsible for the assassination attempt against congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Presumably, the tactically sound approach would have been for her to allow herself to be slandered. If that’s what passes for political acumen these days, then Palin is wise to have no part of it."
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"If these are the smart ones, Palin better run, after all."
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"This really is getting to be too much and I say that as someone who is not a Palinista. Al Sharpton? And while she may not be a Reagan, this is precisely the type of thing the GOP establishment did to him throughout his national political career. It's despicable. Where is the decency in all this? She's ultimately on our side, but they can't stop trashing her. And none of these jerks ever showed any of this kind of disdain for Obama... Him, they fear to criticize too harshly. Yet, they claim to be fighters for the Right, or conservatism? Bullsh**! As I said to a friend I called, the Beltway set's hate for Palin reminds me of high school. It's as if the DC crowd has collectively decided Sarah Palin is not and cannot be a member of the clique. She can't possibly be allowed on the team, so anything and everything they can do, or say, to run her down is fair game."
Carmen Reynolds at CFP:
"Rush Limbaugh said the only Republican folks with a back bone are Palin and Bachmann... The sooner Republicans don a skirt (if that’s what it takes), grow some cojones and walk the talk, the better. Otherwise, they’ll become the next raggedy has-been doormat destined for the political landfill."
Marcus Carey at Bluegrass Bulletin:
"I've made it clear, I like Sarah Palin for President. I have articulated some reasons, I will share more as time goes by... But the criticism being leveled at her now in the name of objectivity is anything but. As republicans start looking around the political battlefield in an effort to identify those who threaten their own success they often employ stealth tactics, like using a friendly press person or two, to damage their opponent's chances... And stories about Sarah Palin, like the one in POLITICO, referring to her as 'Al Sharpton, Alaska Edition' are too carefully peppered with citations to criticism by presumed conservative commentators to have been the brain child of the author. We all know the press rarely constructs a story with this much support, it is simply too much work. Stories like this are far more often the research project of someone with an agenda, like a think tank, an 'independent expenditure committee' or a candidate... I've been to Alaska, I've watched a pack of wolves work together out on the tundra above the Arctic Circle. I've seen wild animals fight and I'm here to tell you, there is nothing as strong and determined as a momma grizzly... My money is still on Sarah."
Jen Kuznicki:
"Labash is dead wrong. Sarah is not Al Sharpton, she is more like what Jeffrey Lord said. She is... the one everyone goes to in order to get their steel spine. These weak mama’s boys don’t have what it takes to defeat Obama, nor do they want to. America sees it differently."
T. D. at Terrance this is stupid stuff:
"One had questions before about Noonan's odd statements. But, since Noonan started screeching at Sarah Palin, all the while touting her book Patriotic Grace which urged civility and graciousness toward political opponents, Noonan has clarified that she is 'a second-rate mind busily, inconsequentially at work.' One of the strange twists of fate was that Noonan only foresaw Obama as arousing conservative ire. So, Patriotic Grace was running with the zeitgeist in urging conservatives to be cool and kind toward political opponents, especially the young, history-making first black president. All was going so well. Then young, first woman governor of Alaska, first female GOP presidential ticket candidate Sarah Palin came along. What was God doing? Playing dice with the universe? Palin provoked flustered anger and at times incoherent rage among the 'sweetness and light' conservative pundit set. No patriotic grace to Palin was possible by such as Noonan. Who knows how long Noonan has been losing the struggle with believing one thing and saying another or if she has just been great at flimflamming for a couple of decades living off Ronald Reagan's reputation. It's certainly not worth the effort to do an in depth study on the train wreck that Noonan has become."
John Galt at Robbing America:
"It is a shame to see Peggy Noonan grow old and vindictive... She gave early signs of a Helen Thomas syndrome... Her open microphone tirade against Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign caught everybody by surprise - including her for she did not know the mic was open - for the uncalled meanness of its unleashing."
Joshua Green, a senior editor of left wing The Atlantic:
"Over the last few weeks, Washington conventional wisdom has begun to coalesce around the idea that Sarah Palin won't run for president... It should go without saying--shouldn't it?--that if Palin decides to get in the race six months from now, she'll hardly lack for name recognition and won't have any problem raising money. She's as viable as anybody, and more viable than most... When has disapproval from establishment Republicans stopped her in the past? And especially from conservative intellectuals? If the goal here is to intimidate Palin into staying on the sidelines, it seems to me the likelier effect is that it will goad her into entering the race."
Da Techguy:
"We have actual death threats against actual sitting members of an actual legislature that the MSM is ignoring and not reporting on and Morning Joe is hitting Sarah Palin over the video response from January? ... I’m really surprised that I can really be surprised here."
Bernie Quigley at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
"Something in the relationship between Israel and America changed at 9/11. We in the United States suffered a direct attack on our most important symbols by Israel’s enemies. Heartland America was changed by 9/11. To the heartland, which does not share in East Coast Europeanism and like Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not care what they think in New York, Israel became our closest friend. The Hillary/Bono axis and the neocons and even the newly influential libertarians don’t see it because they are bound by ideology. And they are largely East Coasters and don’t understand the heart-based thinking of America. But heartland drives America, increasingly so, and this is what America will be. A savage attack like those on 9/11 brings it out. The Tea Party — the non-ideology Jacksonian populist uprising — instinctively understands this and the two major politicians closest to it do as well. That would be Perry and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. They are Israel’s best friends in America. This, at its core, explains the breach today among onservatives. Tea Party America, especially the rough-and-tumble variety here in the heartland, have, like Israel, China and Germany, entered the new century with a clear, existential view of the world and our place in it. The others are still stuck in the past."
Benyamin Korn at
"Try listening to what Gov. Palin herself is actually saying, rather than to the chatter of those around her. Those who do will see that Sarah Palin articulates a 'commonsense conservative' platform, and her vision of a 'Judeo-Christian nation' that speaks to all Americans, including to Jewish voters, as we head into the historic election of 2012."
Tim Graham at NewsBusters:
"On Thursday, Erik Piepenburg of the New York Times promoted Kathy Griffin's new Broadway show... Unsurprisingly, Griffin wallows in baiting and battling conservatives and Christians to keep her relevant and at least on her 'D-List,' especially now that her Bravo show has ended... Of course, the Times can't quite proclaim that Griffin is a liberal or a leftist. They insist 'the cracks will only endear her further to her fan base, mostly gay men and straight women who appreciate her persona as an outspoken, suffer-no-fools, pop culture gadfly.' A suffer-no-fools gadfly? This is a pretty complimentary label for someone who mocks Sarah Palin's teenaged daughter..."
- JP

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